By | March 16, 2023


Publisher : Sonus Dept
Website : Sonus Dept
Format : KONTAKT 5.6+
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Description : Empyrealm is the complete and affordable solution for anyone looking for atmospheric sounds: from ethereal pads to spooky drones, from nature sounds to transparent metal sounds percussion. With over 2.8 GB of sounds and 67 Kontakt patches, this huge library consists of the following modules:
Forest of Drones : 25 patches dedicated to evolving dark soundscapes, with sounds that can be modulated in multiple ways, giving you an ever-changing atmosphere.
Paradise: 16 meticulously crafted patches with immersive, deep and huge sonic pads, with unparalleled sonic detail and supernatural feel.
Mysteries of Creation : 9 nature soundscape patches featuring real recordings made in the wild.
Secrets of Hephaestus : 11 detailed patches with ritual metal percussion and other magical instruments.
Sidewinds : 6 atmospheric rain and thunder patches.
The complex architecture of the instrument features a 2D vector with four easily modifiable sound layers and a series of effects of any type, as well as three LFOs for volume, pan and pitch modulation.
In addition, each parameter is fully automated, with a total of 115 automation assignments. Creating vibrant and ever-changing textures has never been easier!
The GUI has three tabs: the first for global settings and filters, the second for effects, and finally the third for modulators.

Here’s what the tool includes:
– 67 Kontakt patches for over 2.8 GB of sounds (compressed size)
– All patches have a wide range of effects, including: filters, EQ, delay, reverb, phaser, pitch envelope and spatial effects. You don’t need additional effects to get the exact sound.
– Each of the 115 fully automated parameters creates evolving and realistic sounds.
– You will notice the unrivaled quality of every sound.
– Each patch has its own GUI, carefully designed and focused on usability and attractiveness.

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