Sonora Cinematic – Panorama Guitars (KONTAKT)

By | July 10, 2024


Publisher: Sonora Cinematic
Website: Panorama Guitars
Format: KONTAKT (7.7+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Panorama Guitars is a virtual instrument born from a love of the guitar textures of post-rock and shoegaze bands, sounds that have inspired countless music media titles over the past three decades.

Bringing those iconic sounds to life, ready for you to create with our custom-designed Aria engine, this versatile and cinematic modern post-rock guitar instrument can fit seamlessly into pop, rock, lo-fi hip-hop and any project. demanding pristine clean or crisp guitar tones.

Panorama Guitars offers a captivating tapestry of evocative and atmospheric guitar textures and soundscapes. From mesmerizing arpeggios and touching melancholic melodies to warm and soulful tones, these instruments add cinematic depth to your compositions, enriching them and mesmerizing your listeners.

Most importantly, this virtual instrument knows no boundaries; Import your own samples and use the Aria engine’s extensive controls and effects to create your own vast and distinct palette of sounds.

We’ve carefully selected five classic electric guitars with deep samples, a beautiful baritone guitar, and an amazing electric bass.

Each instrument was played using a carefully selected selection of guitar amps and pedals, as well as high-quality microphones and preamps to ensure the highest fidelity.

We’ve also collaborated with experimental artist Elif Yalvak, whose unique approach gives Panorama guitars avant-garde textures and ambient soundscapes, giving you a diverse palette of sounds to explore.

At the heart of Panorama Guitars is our custom Aria engine, which is full of modulation capabilities and expressive effects, as well as ways to process your own samples.
Start by browsing through a variety of sounds from ‘Ambient Trem’, ‘Huge Wash’ and ‘Shimmer Pulse’ to ‘Post Rock Fuzz’, ‘Crusty Ambience’, ‘Lo-Fi Junky’ and many more. Choose one for each of the two available slots and create ever-changing textures and soundscapes using the intuitive built-in XY pad.

Go further by layering or crossfading articulations, adding two independent filters, and assigning any parameters to control the X or Y axis: the limit of your creativity.

Additional Information :
A collection of 40 sound sources created from five classic electric guitars, a baritone and an electric bass, played through four premium amplifiers and a wide range of pedals.
Recorded in a top-tier studio with multiple high-quality microphones and preamps to ensure impeccable sound quality.
Comes with 50 expertly crafted presets to spark your creativity.

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