Soniccouture – Vibraphone v2.2 (KONTAKT)

By | May 28, 2024


Publisher: Soniccouture
Website: Vibraphone
Format: KONTAKT (6.2.0+)
Quality: 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Description: Yamaha VibraphoneSometimes soft and smoky… sometimes eerie and disorienting…
The vibraphone provides constant modulation of its resonator tubes using motorized fans and bulbulators.
The resulting tone is the famous tremolo effect: shimmering, shaky, floating, flying… and 27 more adjectives you can come up with yourself. The Soniccouture vibraphone features True Tremolo and 23 layers of velocity that bring metal to life.
Samples with 24 bit 96 kHz quality may please some.

Instruments that use global modulation (the Hammond C3/leslie is a similar example) are difficult to sample & model realistically, because if you record a single note with the tremolo active, it will be out of sync with all subsequent notes you record.

Previous attempts to sample the vibraphone usually recorded the instrument with the motor/tremolo switched off, then faked the effect using filters and LFO.

Soniccouture Vibraphone takes a completely new approach – by sampling the entire instrument twice. Once with the fans closed, once with them fully open, both times completely static – the motor switched off. Once we have the full vibraphone sound sampled in both states – fans closed and fans open – we can then simply crossfade between them in Kontakt using a simple sinusoidal LFO. This gives not only the authentic sound, but also full control over the speed of the tremolo, another essential element of the instrument.

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