Sonic Academy – Fast Track Build Trance 2.0

By | June 18, 2016


An absolute monster of a course as we take to the studio with Chris & Phil as they deconstruct the ever popular TRANCE 2.0 sound, picking out the unique characteristics of the genre and recreating each element from scratch.

After the initial researching of the idea we then flesh out the concept and create an entire track from start to finish using Ableton Live.

Included are all project files and samples (including vocals) so you can follow along.

Awarded a 10/10 by MUSIC TECH Magazine in June 2014

Contents :

Tutorial 01 – Chords 25m 45s
Tutorial 02 – Verse Bass 22m 11s
Tutorial 03 – Arrange Intro 17m 12s
Tutorial 04 – Arrange Verse 26m 06s
Tutorial 05 – Arrange To Break 37m 35s
Tutorial 06 – The Breakdown 04m 47s
Tutorial 07 – Vocals 36m 20s
Tutorial 08 – Arrange to end 39m 55s
Tutorial 09 – Mixdown 22m 33s
Tutorial 10 – Mastering 11m 06s
Tutorial 11 – New Vocals 29m 18s
Tutorial 12 – Mixdown 2 37m 26s


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