Smash Up The Studio – Midi Keys: Deep Jazzy House Grooves (MIDI)

By | December 3, 2021


Manufacturer: Smash Up The Studio
Format: Midi

Description: The pinnacle of MIDI keyboard loops of superb chords, bass lines, unexpected melody lines and solos designed by Steve Burton.
Top of the range MIDI keyboard loops for those who like to keep their house music deep and jazzy. Superb chords, groovin ‘bass lines, lead melody lines and solos. Performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.

Smash Up The Studio proudly present their latest release. “MIDI Keys: Deep Jazzy House Grooves”

This collection contains probably some of the best keyboard work available as MIDI today. In fact, work of this standard is usually reserved for high profile producers with endless budgets and the ability to hire the best musicians available.

50 MIDI keyboard loops, perfect for synthesizer, rhodes, pads, strings etc.
These loops range from funky more syncopated deep house riffs to
chilled jazzy grooves in the style of Fender Rhodes or loops ideal for synthesizer pads. All contain great chord progressions and each loop could easily form the musical structure for an entire mix.
20 MIDI bass loops performed in the style of the very latest deep house tracks.
20 MIDI lead lines, memorable melodies great for lead synths, plus 2 amazing 16 bar Moog solos.
5 MIDI construction kits.

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