Save Game Pro v2.6.9 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 7, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 01/05/2019
Version: 2.6.9
Developer: Bayat Games
Developer site: _
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Unity 2018.2.5 or higher

Save Game Pro is a complete, powerful and feature-packed Unity (Game Engine) game saving solution that allows you to save everything, such as components, data types, GameObjects, including custom data types, including Web and Cloud, local storage, PlayerPrefs, Database.
Save Game Pro has an Elegant and Complete API to manage saved data, for example, with the API you can check if the data exists or you can get a list of saved files and show it to the user.
Works well with Unity 2017.x and up, and you can also make it work with older versions of Unity, just ignore the warning before importing the package.
Tested in the following versions of Unity:
– 2018.2, 2018.1, 2017.4, 2017.3, 2017.2, 2017.1, 5.6
But it works well with old and new versions, so just contact us if you have any problems importing the package.
☀️ Documentation
☀️ Support & News
☀️ Forum Theme
☀️ Elegant API
☀️ +200 Types Supported
☀️ Full examples
☀️ General Settings
☀️ Playmaker integration
☀️ Cross platform
☀️ Web and Cloud
☀️ Integrated with Xbox built-in storage
☀️ Firebase Integration
☀️ PlayFab integration
☀️ PHP MySQL Integration
☀️ PHP MongoDB integration
☀️ MySQL Node.js integration
☀️ Node.js MongoDB Integration
☀️ Custom Types (Type Creator)
☀️ Serial Custom Type Customization
☀️ JSON and binary serialization
Now let’s describe each feature.
☀️ +200 Types Supported: Save Game Pro supports over +200 built-in types, and you can add your own additional types manually or using Type Creator.
*️ Almost all components like BoxCollider, Rigidbody, MeshRenderer, Camera, Transform.
*️ GameObject, the whole GameObject will be saved which means all components including All Childrens.
DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY. The GameObject save and load feature is under heavy development, including support for saving complex objects and hierarchies, so we still don’t recommend using GameObject save and load to save complex objects, only simple objects. It’s also better to use data structures in all situations.
*️ Transformation by Hierarchy, this means that transformations are stored by their root parent and they will be loaded like this.
*️ Primitives like Integer, String, Boolean, …
*️ Collections. Almost all collections are supported, such as Dictionary, List, LinkedList, multidimensional arrays (no limit), Stack, Queue, HashSet, …
*️ Data types, almost all data types like Vector3, Vector2, Vector4, Mesh, …
☀️ Complete examples. A complete set of examples includes help to get you started easier and faster. In addition, each integration has its own examples.
*️ Cloud save
*️ Custom save path
*️ List of saved files
*️ Saving collections
*️ Save user data
*️ Saving game object
*️ Saving created runtime objects
*️ Saving simple data
*️ Saving slots
*️ Save texture2D
*️ Saving transformation
☀️ General Settings: Customize, modify and apply Save Game Pro General Actions right inside the panel and easily install/uninstall integration with a simple click.
☀️ PlayMaker Integration: Save Game Pro fully integrates with PlayMaker by adding Game Game API methods as actions in PlayMaker. In addition, each integration includes PlayMaker actions.
☀️ Cross Platform: Save Game Pro supports almost all platforms supported by Unity, we have tested Save Game Pro examples in:
*️ Standalone (Windows, Mac, Linux)
*️ Android (and it should work well on iOS)
*️Samsung TV
But we know that it should work like on all Unity platforms.
☀️ Web & Cloud: Save Game Pro also integrates with cloud environments such as PHP and Node.js and supports the most popular database engines such as MySQL and MongoDB. In addition, Save Game Pro integrates with Firebase and PlayFab and also allows you to save your game data and sync it across devices.
*️ Firebase integration
*️ PlayFab integration
*️ PHP MySQL Integration
*️ PHP MongoDB integration
*️ MySQL Node.js integration
*️ Node.js MongoDB Integration
☀️ Custom Types (Type Creator): Save Game Pro supports custom types, which means you can add serialization of types that are not supported by Save Game Pro, so you can easily and automatically create these custom types with Type Creator. The Creator type provides a simple, fast, and useful interface for creating and type inspection. In addition, Type Creator includes search inputs to help you browse through all types by searching for the type you want.
✂️ What are you waiting for?
Go ahead and save your game data using Save Game Pro.

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