Prime Loops – Tribal Percussion Loops (WAV)

By | May 29, 2024


Manufacturer: Prime Loops
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Description: Prime Loops Tribal Percussion Loops is a set of acoustic percussion loops and one-shots. Funky bongo grooves, passionate African rhythms, pulsating sounds of the West African Djembe drum, hot Latin percussion, majestic samba aromas, etc. The range of styles to which this package can be applied is truly diverse: Tribal House, Deep House, DubStep, Trip-Hop, Funk , Soul, Funky House, House, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc. Format: 24-Bit WAV; Tempo: 130 BPM.

Content :
Sun soaked funky bongo grooves, passionate African rhythms, pulsating djembe progressions, hot Latin percussive jams, majestic samba flavours, intricate moving percussion combinations, deep warm acoustic vibrations, classic driving earth-shaking sessions… we are extremely proud to present “Tribal Percussion Loops “, weighing in at 250+ hi-res organic recordings just waiting for you to add that lively rhythmical element to your beats.

This authentic and highly original song-writing package has been recorded in 24-bit audio, and is truly diverse in its range of styles. There are a multitude of highly inspirational loops here – an intelligent blend of amazing material delivering innovative musical building blocks that will melt effortlessly into your mix. And as if that wasn’t enough to compliment this selection, you also get single hits from all the percussion sets, perfect for adding a custom sparkle to your grooves.

“Tribal Percussion Loops” can be used to create a vast amount of styles and genres such as tribal house, deep house, dubstep, trip hop, funky, soul, funky house, house, hip hop, R&B and many more. Recorded at 130 BPM, this highly rhythmical release also comes in a variety of flexible formats for adaptable tempo control, and as with all Prime Loops sample packs, each of the 250+ recordings are completely royalty free, 24-bit, and perfectly suited to your releases and future media productions.

If you are looking to add new, exiting percussive grooves to your beats, look no further than “Tribal Percussion Loops”.

Genres: Acoustic, House, Minimal, Tech & Techno, World & Ethnic and more!
Formats: WAV/ACID
Contains: Over 250 acoustic Percussion Loops & Samples

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