Polyverse Music – Infected Mushroom Comet 1.11 (VST, VST3, AU) [OSX x64]

By | September 15, 2021


Year of release: 08.2021
Version: 1.11
Developer: Polyverse Music
Developer site: polyversemusic
Platform: iNTEL + M1
Interface language: English
Tablet: present (license file) | SPTNDC
System requirements: OSX 10.9+ 64bit, Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU, now compatible with MacOS 11 Big Sur and optimized for Apple M1

Description: Reverb Polyverse Music Comet is able to create spaces with a volume of 1 cm³.
A unique reverb that generates sound space on its own.
After a long beta test, Polyverse Music has released the Comet reverb. During the tests, the developers collected user feedback and implemented a number of features in the first version of the plugin that complement its basic functionality for creating a reverb effect.
The reverb features advanced and flexible settings. For example, users can adjust the decay time of the reverb effect from one microsecond, and create spaces that range from one cubic centimeter to one kilometer. Compared to competitors, Polyverse Music Comet also features a built-in detuning algorithm and high morphing speed.
According to Polyverse, the plugin relies on its own algorithms and does not mimic real-world spaces. Since this functionality is present in almost every existing reverb plug-in, the last thing Polyverse wanted to do was to release another, another and the same plug-in. For this reason, the developers abandoned the use of impulses from real reverbs, focusing on developing an engine that generates any spaces on its own.
The effect is controlled by means of several knobs (input and output signal level, pre-lay), diffuser and detuning sliders, as well as damping and signal coloring controls. Users can also customize the size of the generated space, the decay time of the effect and the ratio of the original and processed signal. To make it easy to get started, Comet comes with a wide range of presets.
The developers have also equipped the plugin with rich parameter modulation capabilities. You can change the settings either manually or via CV-input – the plug-in supports control via CV-commands. In addition, reverb can be controlled directly from a MIDI keyboard or controller by switching presets and changing settings via MIDI events.
Developers say their motto is “From Musicians to Musicians,” so they are sensitive to user feedback. Guided by this idea, Polyverse Music promises to promptly fix all found errors and introduce new features at the request of users. The company believes that this approach will create a universal reverb of the future. Well, a loud statement.

Specifications :
• An unbelievably smooth and beautiful reverb.
• Five interchangeable preset morphing slots.
• Glide control to morph between parameters.
• Pre Delay & Glide available in milliseconds and rhythmic subdivisions.
• Lockable parameters for consistency between presets.
• Uniquely rich and musical detune algorithm.
• Saturation module from input gain for extra density.
• MIDI and CV control for every parameter.

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