PlugInGuru – Absynth 5 Power Pack Vol.1 (ABSYNTH, WAV)

By | May 26, 2023


Manufacturer: PlugInGuru
Format: Absynth.Nabs, Wav
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 48 kHz Stereo channels

Description: Amazing new sounds for Brian Clevinger’s brainchild, the Absynth 5 synthesizer. Shortly after it came out, I purchased Absynth 1.0 and totally freaked out – the was one of the FIRST software based synthesier that truly had a totally new & unique sound to it. I made of lots and lots of patches (that’s how I learn a new synth) and some of these patches, I sent to Brian. He liked thm so much that he put them into the factory voicing for Absynth 1.0! Since then (now the story gets a little sad…..) Native Instruments keeps focusing the factory voicing farther and farther into the more experimental and specialized side of synthesis. This is awesome to see such unique patches in the factory voicing, but I have no idea how to use most of them! This has been a major bummer to me because the power of Absynth is so HUGE. Thus (now the HAPPY part of the story!!) this Power Pack was born – I created patches aimed at modern music styles that still have that unique personality and “that” sound which can only come from Absynth.

New Synth Basses for today’s music including dance, dub, hip hop & pop styles. New BPM LFO and Envelope pulsing patches ready to work in your remixes. Synth Leads that are fun to jam with and don’t have so much going on that they are not useful…. Angelic synth pads and tortured SFX patches live together here! Oh and there are even some very playable & expressive electric piano patches.
The new 1.1 update also includes 20 new audio FX patches – Absynth is a really cool audio effect processor but the factory audio effect patches are about as useful as many of the factory synth patches. Very cool but I don’t know how to use them! SO I created cool gated patches, patches for mangling drums and even über basic patches with stereo DDL with the slight LFO Mod that causes really beautiful detuning to happen. Since Absynth 5’s Envelopes and LFO’s are available for making the Effect presets, I used them to make some gating AND filtering AND cloud modulation AND Aetherizer “cloud” Delays all happening at one time. Truly awesome stuff!

This Power Pack also comes with 29 MB of samples (some of me yelling and sounding rather tortued) and a Read Me PDF that shows where the 2 folders should be installed – these patches and samples are compatible with both PC & Mac based computers. Requirements: Absynth 5 version 5.10 or higher to work

Content :
32 Monster Synth Basses > including Wobble basses with fully-controllable LFO rates via the Absynth sliders.
32 Epic Leads > from sweet fusion saw lines to anthemic stacked progressive leads and everything in between.
22 Tempo Synced BPM Patches > From Pads with pulsing elements to techno patches where 1 slider controls the Up Beat pulses while another slider controls the downbeat pulses and SO much more!
32 Lush Pads > ultra-wide, rich and detailed pad patches suited for trance and progressive productions.
11 SFX > everything from twisted transitions to alien drones.
Electric Pianos > from downtempo ambient keys to heavy electric piano through to funky R&B.
4 Bells > bell patches with sliders to create 100s of variants.
3 Tempo Synced Drum Patches > for the synth-based beat freaks.
And more > vox patches, wind patches and 34 FX patches.
Also Includes > 27MB of samples including 28 OSC Pads, vocal moanings and 4 different noise types – Absynth 5 doesn’t have a noise generator.

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