Native Instruments – Session Bassist UPRIGHT BASS (KONTAKT)

By | May 12, 2024


Publisher : Native Instruments
Website : Session Bassist Upright Bass
Format : KONTAKT (7.9.0+)
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : CONTRABASIST
I really wanted to try this library and didn’t even expect that it would be merged so quickly.
We have not only a lot of libraries of double basses on our root tracker, but also quite a few, although there is always something not quite right, some kind of lethargy and dullness…
But in Session Bassist UPRIGHT BASS the pressure, attack, feeling, groove are exactly like that A double bass is a must have in your work arsenal!

Additional Information :
Virtual double bass
The deep, organic low end of a stunning handcrafted upright bass
Explore over 220 playable patterns and phrases that are perfect for a range of contemporary genres
Compose and perform your own solo melodies and basslines

Bold bass tones
Experience the depth and resonance of the upright bass, sampled from a distinguished 1970s model handcrafted in Mittenwald. A comprehensive library of loops, melodies, and articulations performed by leading session musicians make it simple to infuse the backbone of your tracks with organic charm, whether you’re laying down soulful jazz and blues basslines, pop and hip hop grooves, or even classical motifs.

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