ModeAudio – Flood – Ambient Drones & Samples (WAV)

By | November 29, 2023


Publisher: ModeAudio
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Feel the fury of the storm above you as you sink deeper into the dark, murky undertow as dark figures emerge from the depths and rise to swirl around you – welcome to the submerged sound world of our latest colossal Flood sample release – Ambient Drones & Samples!
Step through the richly textured layers of this elemental collection of Ambient samples and you’ll discover an immensely hallucinogenic blend of shredding bass, shimmering sound effects, crackling sonic ambience and smooth analogue synth haze.
From intense sub-bass pressure to sparkling, swirling noise, buzz and atmosphere, the 189 samples contained in this release will give your music a huge variety of inspiring possibilities.

Content :
41 Texture Samples
37 Drone Samples
18 Atmosphere Samples
49 Bass & Sub Bass Samples & Sequences
44 SFX Samples

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