Mixosaurus – Expert Virtual Drums 1.1 (KONTAKT)

By | May 19, 2016



Mixosaurus Expert Virtual Drums is a huge 122 Gb Virtual Drumset powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player.

Levels Page
The Levels Page holds volume, balance and pan controls for Close, Overhead, PZM and Teldex Room mics – for each drum/cymbal individually. This allows you to e.g. move an instrument’s room signal to the left while leaving the pan of the Room Channel in your DAW centered (and thus all other instruments’ room signals unchanged).

Dynamics Page

We’ve included a feature that will save you hours of tedious programming and adjusting grooves: the unique MIXOSAURUS dynamics section. It allows you to manipulate the drummer’s interpretation of incoming MIDI, to play more or less expressively, or just as well plain softer or harder – without making changes to the MIDI sequence.

Envelopes Page

MIXOSAURUS’ envelope controls let you alter the attack, length and release for each instrument individually. Moreover, you can control the release times of the close and distant mics separately (e.g. create gated room effects or shorten the close mics while leaving a longer release on the distant mics). Hi Hats have separate controls for closed and open Hi Hat sounds, Cymbals have separate controls for stick and mallet sounds.

Delay Page

MIXOSAURUS offers you a built-in MIDI delay that is capable of producing standard delays, repetitions, accelerating (+/-) delays, even buzzing effects with ascending or descending frequency.
The screenshot below will soon be replaced by a movie so you can see and hear the MIXOSAURUS delay features in action.

Filter Page

The MIXOSAURUS filter page, with filter type, frequency and resonance controls. However, that’s not all: to allow for creative engineering, you can set the degree of filter application on close and distant mics individually – and you can swap the order of filter and distortion algorithms in the signal flow.

Distorsion Page
Just like the filter page, the distortion options include separate controls for the degree of application on close and distant mics – and remember, each of the drum kit’s instruments has its own set of controls. Three distortion algorithms are available to create anything from a hardly noticable growl to white noise.

Help Page
MIXOSAURUS features instant help functionality by offering built-in descriptions of every GUI knob or button. The info label at the bottom of each instrument’s interface immediately jumps to a brief summary as soon as you touch a control. The Options/Help menu at the lower right corner of the GUI lets you activate a larger box that will have more detailed information on the knob you move.

Features / details:

  • 122 Gb Virtual Drumset powered by Kontakt Player 2.
  • Comes pre-installed on its own FW800 / eSATA Hard Disk Drive.
  • 14-piece acoustic drumkit (played with sticks), 20 available mic tracks.
  • Recorded at Teldexstudio Berlin, Germany.
  • Comes pre-installed on its own plug & play hardware unit.
  • Unprecedented number of available articulations.
  • 100% authentic reproduction of drumset dynamics.
  • 7 alternating samples available for each and every sound throughout the entire library.
  • More than 80,000 stereo samples, all true 24-Bit through the entire production process – no reduction, nowhere.
  • Signals pre-processed using the best analog and tube gear.
  • 3 completely different overhead mic setups and 2 different Hi Hat mic setups to choose from.
  • Stereo PZM tracks massively compressed by tube gear.
  • Stereo Teldex Reverb Chamber tracks – dial in REAL, Hi End reverb with one fader movement.
  • All single hit samples, allowing you to play your own, great sounding rolls, flams, crescendos, even cymbal swells.
  • Unique combination of controls manipulating the drummer’s interpretation of incoming MIDI.
  • Unique set of envelope, filter and distortion controls for each drum/cymbal.
  • Many useful grooves and fills onboard.



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