Mercuriall Audio – AMPBOX v1.3.0 – CE-V.R (SAL, VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | October 14, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 10/08/2023
Developer: Mercuriall Audio.
Developer website: Mercuriall
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: cured [CE-V.R]
System requirements: WIN 8+

Mercuriall Ampbox is a VST/AAX and standalone next generation amp modeling plugin for PC/Mac.
It is an ever-evolving platform for all* of our products, current and future.
You’ll get Ampbox for free when you purchase one of the supported plugins*.
The platform has everything you need to create perfect tones with just one plugin.
It’s simple, elegant and versatile. Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v2.0 technology.

Mercural Ampbox Features :
– NEW! Neural hybrid engine version 3.0:

Used in model 6160 III.
– PowerLink Technology:

Affects the power supply connection between the power amplifier and preamplifier.
– Freely movable module windows inside the plugin:

Keep only the modules you need open.
– The preamp/power amplifier can be switched off independently:

More options, more flexibility.
– Same resampling loop for pedals/preamp/power amp:

No delay or additional loss of sound quality.
– Stereo mode:

When used, the right/left channels are modeled independently.
– Delay and reverb can be used in parallel:

No additional routing!
– The plugin supports processor multi-threading:

More cores = better plugin performance.
– Standalone version:

No DAW? No problem, you can still use Ampbox.
– Factory and user presets:

Robust preset system and ability to manually share presets.

Mercuriall 6160 III :
Amplifier based on a custom tuned 3-channel EVH 5150III Stealth with Stealth and Classic mode switch
(ivory amp finish) on the third channel.
Amplifier simulator based on 3-channel EVH 5150III Stealth.
Switches between Stealth and Classic modes (ivory amp finish). on the third channel.
Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v3.0.
Preamp tubes: 12AX7EH.
Poweramp lamps: 12AX7JJ, Shuguang 6L6.

Mercuriall Dual Rectofire :
Amplifier based on a 2-channel American high gain tube amplifier, rev G with an additional 1Meg gain pot mod.
Amplifier model based on a 2-channel American high-gain tube amplifier.
Optional 1Meg gain control.
Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v2.0.
Preamp tubes: 12AX7EH.
Power amplifier tubes: 12AX7GTR, 6L6EH.

Mercuriall Euphoria :
Amplifier based on Bogner© Ecstasy 101B with additional Cameron module.
Amplifier model based on Bogner© Ecstasy 101B.
Optional Cameron mod switch.
Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5.
Preamp tubes: 12AX7GTR.
Power amplifier tubes: 12AX7GTR, EL34B.

Mercuriall U530 :
Preamp based on Engl® E530.
Preamp simulator model based on Engl® E530.
Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5.
Preamp tubes: 12AX7-RCA, 12AX7 Tung-Sol, 12AX7-RSD.

Mercuriall Reaxis :
Preamp model based on the 8-channel American tube preamp.
Sim model of a preamplifier based on an 8-channel American tube preamplifier.
Revision of the TX5A preamplifier.
Each preamp tube has its own mathematical model.
Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5.
Preamp tubes: 12AX7EH.

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