MeldaProduction – MAudioPlugins v10.07, MPowerSynth 10.07 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN. OSX x86 x64]

By | November 4, 2017


MeldaProduction MTotalBundle – the newest collection of effects, currently has 70 plug-ins. MTotalBundle will turn your computer into a professional high-end sound studio. The set contains all the necessary effects for writing music, information and mastering. Includes both traditional effects and revolutionary technologies that will make the sound of your record incredible. High speed, simplicity, crystal clear sound and minimum noise level is the standard in MeldaProduction.

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The MTotalBundle 10.07 effect plug-in package and the MPowerSynth 10.07 synthesizer.

Delay MMultiBandDelay

Distortion MAmp
Distortion MBitFun
Distortion MLimiter
Distortion MMultiBandBitFun
Distortion MMultiBandDistortion
Distortion MMultiBandSaturator
Distortion MMultiBandWaveFolder
Distortion MMultiBandWaveShaper
Distortion MWaveFolder
Distortion MWaveShaper

Dynamics MAGC
Dynamics MAutoVolume
Dynamics MCompressor
Dynamics MDrumLeveler
Dynamics MDynamics
Dynamics MDynamicsLimiter
Dynamics MModernCompressor
Dynamics MMultiBandDynamics
Dynamics MMultiBandDynamicsLarge
Dynamics MMultiBandLimiter
Dynamics MMultiBandTransient
Dynamics MPhatik
Dynamics MSpectralDynamics
Dynamics MSpectralDynamicsMini
Dynamics MTransient
Dynamics MTurboComp
Dynamics MUltraMaximizer

EQ MAutoDynamicEq
EQ MAutoEqualizer
EQ MAutoEqualizerLinearPhase
EQ MDynamicEq
EQ MEqualizer
EQ MEqualizerLinearPhase
EQ MFreeformAnalogEq
EQ MFreeformEqualizer

Filter MBandPass
Filter MComb
Filter MFilter
Filter MMultiBandComb
Filter MVocoder
Filter MWobbler

Modulation MAutopan
Modulation MFlanger
Modulation MFreqShifter
Modulation MMultiBandAutopan
Modulation MMultiBandChorus
Modulation MMultiBandFlanger
Modulation MMultiBandFreqShifter
Modulation MMultiBandPhaser
Modulation MMultiBandRingModulator
Modulation MMultiBandTremolo
Modulation MMultiBandVibrato
Modulation MPhaser
Modulation MRingModulator
Modulation MRotary
Modulation MTremolo
Modulation MVibrato
Modulation MVintageRotary

Pitch Shift MAutoPitch
Pitch Shift MMultiBandHarmonizer
Pitch Shift MTransformer

Reverb MMultiBandConvolution
Reverb MMultiBandReverb
Reverb MReverb

Stereo MStereoExpander
Stereo MStereoGenerator
Stereo MStereoProcessor
Stereo MStereoScope
Stereo MStereoSpread

Time MMultiBandGranular
Time MMultiBandRhythmizer
Time MRhythmizer

Tools MAnalyzer
Tools MAutoAlign
Tools MChannelMatrix
Tools MCompare
Tools MLoudnessAnalyzer
Tools MMultiAnalyzer
Tools MNoiseGenerator
Tools MNotepad
Tools MOscillator
Tools MOscilloscope
Tools MRatio
Tools MRecorder
Tools MTuner
Tools MUtility


New in version 10.07

10.07 changes
EQ, Threshold, Attack and Release shapes are now automatable (first 5 points) in MSpectralDynamics, plus added a De-esser active preset.
Added Hide settings switch to MCompare, which hides controls inside.
Added PLR (peak to loudness ratio) meter to MLoudnessAnalyzer and all limiters.
Added Side-chain input to MCompressor.
Slightly improved mapping log.
Added Report as latency switch to MUtility (including MXXX), which converts the delay into a negative delay.
Locks on easy screen now automatically update the parameter lock window (if displayed) and vice versa.
Added Select all to menu in all text edit controls.
Selected tabs on active preset screenshots are stored with the settings now.
Upsampling selection window now displays target sampling rates.
Optimized MTurboComp active presets when saturation is 0%.
Added Slider multiparameter GUI type.
Added Note min and Note max parameters MIDI settings / Note controllers.
Added multiple multiparameter XY pad types and control type None.
Easy screen meter collapse is no longer loaded from (active) presets.
Order in Band settings of all parametric EQs is now specified via a selector and the dB / oct has been removed as it varies between filters.
Improved support for ultralow sampling rates below 40kHz.
Added multiparameter editor mode Bars start / end, which let you create a bar graph from all parameter in the range.
Fix: Lock buttons in active presets inside TurboComp / TurboEQ inside MXXX have been removed since they can not work for technical reasons.
Fix: ProTools cmd + opt + ctrl + click for automation shortcut did not work with some editor types on easy screen.
Fix: The last parameter associated with parameter lock could not be deleted.
Fix: Selectors in active presets.
Fix: MRhythmizer and MMultiBandRhythmizer could die while editing the curve being played at the same time in some rare situations.
Fix: MRhythmizer and MMultiBandRhythmizer presets were not loading correctly for some sequences, which got normalized in time.
Fix: XY pad on active presets could change the values ​​incorrectly when switching between easy & edit screens.
Fix: Virtual keyboard could not display the panel with symbols.
Fix: Trying to deleting a preset for the second time after a permission error could cause a crash.
Fix: Changing multiparameter’s Enable state did not work for some GUI types.
Fix: Style preset images (colors) were unnaturally large on HDPI displays.

10.06 changes
Added Lockable switch to multiparameters, which adds a small lock button to the easy screen, which uses the global Lock system to prevent the parameter from changing when browsing presets.
Added ability to make tabs on easy screens by setting Group parameter of the first multiparameter in each group in this format: “tabname # groupname”.
Panic button in MTuner now clears the note history.
Batch processing via WAV button now allows selecting multiple files at once. Drag & drop on the button.
Settings window is now more compact.
Added Map button, that shows all assignments of multiparameters, modulators and MIDI.
Active preset selector and easy screen metering section can not be collapsed in all plugins to save space and make the view less cluttered.
Text edit for active preset controls now also provides piano for frequency controls and sync for lengths.
LP / HP filter tags in dynamic equalizers have been moved to avoid clashes with analyzer.
Improved preset import dialog.
Added Mute switch to MXXX.
Increased difference between input & output colors for analyzer graphs in Input and Output mode.
Multiparameter groups. The switch has been removed from the multiparameter and can be edited directly on the easy screen.
Fix: Moving a band completely to the left / right in any dynamic equalizer made to the LP / HP filters occupying the same place.
Fix: MIDI learn was working even after the MIDI settings.
Fix: MLoudnessAnalyzer buttons for batch processing etc. could have been theoretically cause.
Fix: Bug is introduced in previous update – changing any parameter in MSpectralDynamics.
Fix: Switching active presets of TurboEQ and TurboComp in MXXX did temporarily hide the active preset controls.
Fix: A crash could occur in relation to time graphs in some rare circumstances.
Fix: Feedback FX in MXXX could crash when rapidly changing the delay length.
Fix: Clicking Auto-gain button in MLoudnessAnalyzer always ended with an error message.
Fix: Improved Futuristic style radio buttons causing size problems in MTurboEQ.
Fix: Text edit windows featuring a piano keyboard or some other extension.
Fix: Parameter Lock.
Fix: Oscillator’s step sequencer editors did not paint the “zero” at the same level as the oscillators themselves, which lead to confusion.


1.Run our host patch or manually block
2.Install the software.
3.Run our keygen.
4.Patch files below.
* MAudioPlugins
C: Windows MeldaProductionAudioPluginKernel.dll
C: Windows MeldaProductionAudioPluginKernel64.dll
* MDrummer Large
5.Generate licenses.
6.Run the software and drag and drop the license.
7.Enjoy it!

1.Block the access to
2.Install the software.
3.Replace files below with our patched ones.
* MAudioPlugins
/ Library / Application Support / MeldaProduction / LIB / libMeldaProductionAudioPluginKernel.dylib
* MDrummer Large
4.Use our keygen on Windows to generate a license.
You can use pre-generated * .mlf license instead.
5.Run the software and drag and drop the license.
6.Enjoy it!

TEAM R2R 2016

Year / Release Date : 02/22/2017
Version : 10 Build 07
Developer : MeldaProduction
Developer’s website : MeldaProduction
Format : VST, VST3, AAX, AU
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : Present
System requirements :
WindowsXP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32 & 64)
VST / VST3 compatible host
Note: use 32-bit plugins for 32-bit hosts even if you are using 64-bit Windows
Mac OS X (10.5+, 32 & 64)
VST / VST3 / AU compatible host
Intel / AMD processor

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