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By | June 26, 2019

Year of release : 2016
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By Matt Mayfield
Duration : 03:13:00
Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial
Language : English

Description : Learn everything you need to know about working with digital sound. In this flagship course, author Matt Mayfield demonstrates a wide range of audio and music basics. The lessons are intended for beginning musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers; those that make the leap from analog to digital; and professionals who need to refresh their knowledge.
Learn everything about working with digital audio. In this flagship course, author author Matt Mayfield demonstrates a wide array of audio and music fundamentals. The lessons are designed for new musicians, songwriters, producers, and engineers; make it from analog to digital; and professionals who need to brush up on a concept or two.
It is a question of what kind of sound it is sounding, including discussions on frequency, amplitude, phase, and psychoacoustics. Matt explores analog audio signal path, explaining connections, gain staging, and metering. He has been discussing the digital audio output in the digital mode.
Then the digits into digital audio workstations (DAWs), explaining the concepts and misconceptions involved in digital recording systems. It’s a matter of fact that it’s associated with digital recording. MIDI data: how to generate, store, process, and communicate. Used for mixing in a DAW — including EQ, compressors, reverb, delay, and many.


Introduction 2m 6s
Welcome 2m 6s
1. Concepts of Sound 26m 58s
What is sound made of? 2m 51s
Frequency and amplitude 8m 21s
Phase and time 4m 37s
How do we hear? 6m 16s
The acoustic, analog, and digital domains 4m 53s
2. The Signal Path: Acoustic and Analog 28m 38s
Overview of a signal path 4m 20s
Getting sound in 3m 59s
Tyms of analog connections 7m 54s
Gain stages in 3m 0s
Metering 5m 52s
3m 33s
3. The Signal Path: Digital 44m 54s
Adding the digital domain 3m 54s
Analog to digital conversion 7m 11s
Gain stages in the digital domain 4m 23s
Dither 6m 59s
Digital to analog conversion 9m 13s
Digital formats and data compression 8m 12s
How digital connections work 5m 2s
4. Digital Audio Workstations 23m 58s
Introducing the DAW 4m 51s
Types of DAWs 5m 0s
Effects plugins and virtual instruments 5m 10s
Managing computer resources 8m 57s
5. MIDI 16m 4s
MIDI: Recording performances, not sounds 6m 24s
How MIDI is communicated 6m 18s
Storing and processing MIDI 3m 22s
6. Mixing and Processing Audio 48m 38s
Levels, pan, and automation 6m 54s
Monitoring levels while mixing 3m 46s
Partials, harmonics, and equalization (EQ) 6m 33s
Types of EQ components 7m 48s
Compression and other dynamic processing 3m 14s
Threshold, ratio, and the types of dynamic processors 5m 18s
Attack and release in dynamic processors 5m 46s
Reverb 5m 55s
Characteristics of analog and digital 3m 24s
Conclusion 2m 15s
Next steps 2m 15s

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