Komorebi Audio – Wave Essentials and Chill Trap Serum Presets (SYNTH PRESET)

By | November 18, 2022


Publisher: Komorebi Audio
Website: komorebiaudio

Description : Komorebi Audio presents presets for Serum, a unique blend of organic and electronic sounds inspired by Wave and Chill Trap music.
This pack is a collection of out-of-tune and evolving pads, sullen and ripping basses, inspiring organic synth keyboards and synth wave presets.
Inspired by the sounds of chill trap and wave music, this set of presets sits at the intersection of electronic music and real world recordings. Following the success of our previous Skit & Kareful Serum Wave Presets Skit, we took a deep dive into Serum’s custom wavetable builder.
Presets such as the marimba, mullet and koto patches were created using real world recordings, broken into chunks and recreated in the Serum Wave Editor to bring the unique combination of electronic and organic sounds to the fore. Reese Bass sounds have been created using classic synthesis techniques, but using the endless options the tool offers to create unique and inspiring tones.
Inspired by Drip-133, Blank Body, Yung Gud and MssingNo.

46 patches:
13 Bass
5 Keys
12 lead
8 pad
8 Pluck
This pack is compatible with the latest version of serum.

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