Industrial Strength – Synth Wave (WAV, MIDI, NMSV, NBKT)

By | August 19, 2022


Publisher: Industrial Strength



Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description :
Synth Wave by Industrial Strength presents a fresh take on the Synthwave genre. This super tight retro set is perfect for electronica, synthpop and darkwave. It includes many loops and one-shot samples, including Italo bass lines, thick chords, soft-sounding pads, as well as additional presets for Massive and MIDI files. This set offers all the elements for electronics producers.

Formats :
• 24-Bit WAV
• 44.1Khz
• Audio
• N.I. Massive
• NI Battery 4
Product Details:
• 33 NI Massive Presets
• 26 Pad MIDI
• 39 Lead MIDI
• 18 Bass MIDI
• 24 Pads
• 20 Arp MIDI
• 41 Leads
• 17FX
• 18 Drum Loops
• 18 Bass
• 20 Arp
• 10 Snare Drums
• 6 Perc Shots
• 10 Hats
• 10 Bass Drums
• 1 NI Battery 4 Kit

Additional Information :
Synth Wave’ by Industrial Strength is excited to indulge you with a modern take on Synthwave. This super-tight retro sounding pack is perfect for Electronica, Synth Pop and Darkwave. It features loads of loops and one-shots for you to arrange and modify in your DAW of choice in 24-Bit 44.1khz quality.
‘Synth Wave’ dives into Euro and Italo bass lines, while twisting in tight synth stabs and smooth sounding pads to give you every element needed to inspire your next production or remix.
This futuristic sample pack takes it one step further by adding a essential collection of Native Instruments Massive presets. This sound set features a stunning array of sounds so you can create your own retro Synthwave production while using this popular soft synth.
If you feel the need to find inspiration, also included are the MIDI files to use with the Massive presets, plus tossed in are some NI Battery 4 kits to really get the most out of the drum shots included in this sound pack.
The ‘Synth Wave’ production pack really offers up diverse and usable audio, MIDI and NI Massive Presets to make this a go to pack for electronica producers.

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