Impact Soundworks – Super Audio Cart Complete (KONTAKT)

By | November 23, 2022


Publisher: Impact Soundworks
Website: impactsoundworks
Format: KONTAKT 5.5.2+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The most complete collection of classic video game samples ever created, now bigger and better than ever. SAC Complete includes a Super Audio Cart PC with over 1000 additional sounds and seven sound chips, plus a bonus 128 Snapshot ROM Expansion Pack!
This incredible instrument contains thousands of legendary retro sound sources from 15 classic gaming systems and home computers from the 70s to the early 90s. With unparalleled fidelity, a powerful synth engine, and a full mod matrix, you can truly create a limitless variety of classic or modern sounds. Over 2500 authentic and modern snapshots included!
The cultural legacy and influence of hardware sources has gone far beyond their commercial lifespan. When the library was conceived, our goal was superior authenticity through deep sampling of each sound chip. But over time, we have expanded our vision to break the limitations of the original systems and provide virtually limitless possibilities for sound design.
The latest, complete version of Super Audio Cart is the culmination of over two years of intensive research, development and sound design. With a huge library of over 14,000 samples meticulously recorded, edited and looped, we have fully captured the raw potential of every gaming system or sound chip. These sounds are loaded into a dedicated Kontakt engine packed with cutting-edge features and over 2,500 factory snapshots that inspire retro, chiptune and contemporary genres alike.
It took all involved a passion and deep connection to both video games and their music to create this instrument. That’s why we partnered with OverClocked ReMix, a website and community dedicated to game music appreciation. For us, the Super Audio Cart represents the ultimate tribute to this art form, and we know it will find a place in your music for years to come!

Seven legendary video game systems
Eight classic home computers
AMGA, Tracker, POKEY, MSX, C64
14000+ samples, 1200+ sound sources
2500+ authentic & modern snapshots
All-new SNES ROM sample bank
Meticulous editing to preserve authenticity
Recorded using actual hardware
Four independent sound source layers
integrated sound source browser
Over a dozen filter models
5 FX racks with 8 modules each
Includes custom SNESVERB
Poly arpeggiator, gate & sequencer
64-slot modulation matrix
Full NKS compatibility: Complete Control & Maschine

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