Humanoid Sound – Scanned Synth Pro v2.1.3 (VST) [Win x32 x64]

By | November 3, 2016


Scanned Synth Pro offers “Scanned Synthesis” – until now, this new synthesis technology has only been available to users of Csound and Max.

SSP features a revolutionary Scanned Synthesis engine combining both physical modeling and wavetable synthesis, using a technique developed in the late 1990s by a pioneering team of scientists at Interval Research.

Scanned Synth Pro offers you a unique sound with personality and character in spades. It can sound off-the-wall, yet remains controlled. It’s both simple and complex; powerful yet easy to use.

It also has impressive programming depth with presets that respond to aftertouch and other real-time gestures, yet retains a synth-based interface with familiar controls and full MIDI automation.

  • Revolutionary Scanned Synthesis engine combining physical modeling and wavetable synthesis.
  • Sounds with attitude for Ambient, IDM, Dubstep, DnB, Industrial & Glitch.
  • Each voice includes a complex Scanning Oscillator with hammer, wave, mass and connexion matrix controls, a 7-mode resonant filter, three ADSR envelopes and two LFOs.
  • Psycho & Danger controls for extra nastiness & unpredictability.
  • Polyphony from 1 to 12 simultaneous voices.
  • Multi-Effects section featuring reverb, tempo-synced echo, chorus, flanger and 7-mode resonant filter.
  • Full MIDI Automation & Learn available for extensive performance tweaks.
  • Runs inside any VSTi host application,or in standalone mode (PC only).
  • Includes over 100 factory presets from a team of sound designers.
  • Intelligent randomizer function via a single click plus a set of randomization profiles as starting points.
  • Three choices of skin – choose the one that best suits your working style.


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