Hobby Horse Productions – Drums on Demand Vol.09 : Blues & Boogie (WAV)

By | May 29, 2024


Developer: Hobby Horse Productions
Website: www.drumsondemand.com/volume9.html
Format: WAV.
stereo, 24 bits, 44kHz

Description: Library of drum samples and loops.
Especially suited for guitar-based projects, Blues ‘N’ Boogie (DOD Vol. 9) offers a wide variety of classic blues, rock shuffles and rock blues appropriate for pop, rock and country projects. With everything from straight 4/4s to 12/8 shuffles, the 21 super-deep Song Sets® evoke everything from the wide open blues of the Texas plains to the smoky stages of the Chicago blues clubs. A fat snare, natural-sounding kick, and deep and dampened toms are presented in a clean and present mix. A consistent sound across the entire volume makes mixing and matching between Song Sets® easier than ever.

• 21 Super-Deep Song Sets®
• Recorded at 24-bit 96Khz, then downsampled to 44.1
• Snare- and rim-based grooves
• Many half-time sections
• More than 1200 Loops, Loop Layers™ & Single Hits in 21 Song Sets®
• 110 megs matching multi-velocity single hits
• Tempos ranging from 79-240 BPM
• Matching mix across entire volume for using loops from different Song Sets.
• Nearly 1.4 gigs on 2 CDs (24-bit version)
• Royalty-free
• Patent-Pending organization system

79 BPM Back Porch Blues
86 BPM Big Boogaloo
88 BPM Lotsa Snare
89 BPM Rear Window
92 BPM Memphis Mid-Tempo
95 BPM Hey Baby
98 BPM Tuff Shuffle
100 BPM Bright Blues
100 BPM Bluesy Boogaloo
106 BPM Straight On Blues
112 BPM One and Three Blues
118 BPM Rockin’ Blues
122 BPM Slinky Blues
126 BPM Box Car
126 BPM Scratch My Back
130 BPM Road House
135 BPM Chicago Shuffle
145 BPM Gritty Boogie
152 BPM Fast Times
162 BPM Texas Boogie
174 BPM Lucille Don’t Go
178 BPM Odd Dog Blues
196 BPM Odd Time Blues
203 BPM Hip Cat
225 BPM Odd N Lazy Shuffle
240 BPM My Baby Left Me

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