Front Porch Band – Front Porch Tuba (KONTAKT)

By | August 19, 2022


Publisher: Front Porch Band



Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Front Porch Tuba is the first tuba library specifically targeted at jazz, folk, funk, and other non-orchestral uses.

Content :
Chromatically sampled BBb tuba: 33 note range, from low E up to middle C
Ultimate tuba library for non-orchestral music:
– full pizzicato-style short (staccato) notes geared towards jazz, folk, etc
– 4 Round Robin variations for every short note at every velocity means more realistic results
– 6 unique fluttertongue samples per note give the perfect mean tuba growl
– relaxed feel imitates authentic “street tuba” performance
– but don’t rule out orchestral uses, add some punch to your tuba line!
31 unique samples for each tuba note (1023 total samples, over 320 MB):
3 velocity levels for every note (except sforzando-piano articulation)
5 articulations per tuba note:
– “short”: 12 samples for every note (4 variations x 3 velocities)
– “long accented”: 6 samples each note (2 var x 3 vel)
– “long unaccented”: 6 samples each note (2 var x 3 vel)
– “fluttertongue”: 6 samples each note (2 var x 3 vel)
– “sforzando-piano”: 1 sample each note (1 sample x 1 vel)

Avoid the “machine gun” effect with variations for every note (except sfz articulation).
Great control with main keyswitch patch: see Keyboard Map
Mic placed in bell for powerful, strong tuba sound
Full, clean samples throughout
16-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono samples

Available now for Kontakt 5+. Instant Download

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