Dragonframe 3.5.4 [WiN x86 x64]

By | August 25, 2022


Release year: 2014
Version: 3.5.4
Developer: DZED Systems LLC
Developer site: http://www.dragonframe.com
Interface language: English
Bit depth: 32bit
Vista Compatibility: Full
Windows 7 Compatibility: Full
Windows 8 compatibility: not tested
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: Windows XP (32 bit only)
Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
QuickTime 7.2 or newer is included in the distribution, but you can download the newest one yourself.
1.33GHz CPU
A supported camera
More RAM is better (Java program)

Description: Dragonframe (formerly ‘Dragon Stop Motion’) is a stop-motion animation solution developed by professional animators – for professional animators. This solution was created as an addition to professional animation. New features in Dragonframe 3 include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip sync, advanced DMX512 (or DMX) lighting control, camera motion control, and more.

Add. Info: Dragonframe (formerly ‘Dragon Stop Motion’) is a stop-motion solution created by professional animators — for professional animators. It’s designed to complement how the pros animate. The next generation image capture system for stop motion animation. New features of Dragonframe 3 include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip-sync, advanced DMX lighting, motion control and much more.

New Features in Dragonframe 3
• Tabbed Workspaces. Navigate through multiple Dragonframe workspaces within one window, or detach a workspace for dual monitor support.
• Docked X-Sheet. Dock the highly configurable X-Sheet within the Animation workspace for easy viewing.
• Vector-Based Drawing Tools. Draw lines, ticks, shapes and freeform. Then select drawing objects to scale or rotate them. Use the increment editor to visualize movement along a path over time.
• Lipsync. Import a face set library and create a perfect track reading in our revamped audio workspace.
• Visual Timeline. View thumbnails and edit your sequence directly in the new timeline, which is part of the Animation workspace. You can quickly pull holds to adjust timing for pop-through tests.
• DMX. Improved keyframe editing and visualization in Dragonframe 3. Create custom lighting programs per exposure.
• Arc Motion Control. Set up multiples axes, jog motors, set keyframes and run move tests. Currently interfaces with the IOTA Controller and Arduino boards.
• Video Assist Levels. Adjust video assist levels to compensate for low-light situations.
• Portrait Image Orientation. Switch to portrait orientation for still photography.
• Floating License Server. For schools and large organizations, configure Dragonframe to use a floating license server.
• Linked Exposures. Link two or more exposures together so their settings stay in sync.
• Template Scene. Configure a template scene to base all new scenes on. Useful for large productions with lots of common settings on every project.


Dragonframe 3.5.4
* General : Added Nikon D610 support.
* General : Fixed update check reporting on program startup.
* General : Print to PDF if no real printer connected.
* General : Fixed action script on Windows.
* General : Added SAVE, EDIT actions to action script.
* General : Added file# to x-sheet export.
* Ani : Fixed aspect ratio mask resetting to custom setting.
* Ani : Fixed Animation workspace getting closed.
* Ani : Fixed Conform All conforming initial take.
* Ani : Improved handling of capture attempt while already capturing.
* Ani : Fixed undo with shoot multiple frames.
* Ani : Fixed playback out frame.
* Ani : Fixed timeline jumping after doing a hold.
* Audio : Fixed program crashing when playing sounds.
* Audio : Fixed handling when default audio device changes.
* Audio : Fixed audio change repaint in dmx, timeline, x-sheet.
* Audio : Fixed popping in imported audio.
* Export : Fixed Window mp4 export memory leak and subsequent crashes.
* Export : Fixed audio out point for movie exports.
* Export : Fixed crash during movie export after write error.
* Cine : Fixed live view orientation after clicking on test shot.
* Cine : Fixed aspect mask opacity slider when switching takes.
* Arc : Fixed DMC firmware update timing, waiting for it to finish properly.
* Arc : Configure moco devices after importing scene settings.
* Arc : Fixed arc select axis before first and after last keyframe.
* Arc : Fixed selecting and deleting targets.
* Arc : Fixed negative scaled moves.
* Arc : Implement IOTA controller limits for jogging and inching.
* Dmx : Fixed negative keyframes.

How to treat
1. Run and install Dragonframe_3.5.4-Setup.exe do not run!
2. Run the LicenseCopy.bat file from the Fix folder.
3. Check C:\ProgramData\DZED\Dragonframe to make sure com.dzed.Dragonframe-License.properties has been copied and is in this folder.
4. Copy Dragonframe.exe from the Fix folder and overwrite the original file in the C:\Program Files\DZED\Dragonframe folder (for 32 bit systems) and C:\Program Files (x86)\DZED\Dragonframe (for 64 bit systems)
5. If LicenseCopy.bat didn’t work, copy the generated license file to:
C:\ProgramData\DZED\Dragonframe\ (for Windows Vista/7/8)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DZED\Dragonframe (for Windows XP)

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