Disperse Pixels v1.12 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 11, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:10.10.2018
Version: 1.12
Developer: Moonflower Carnivore
Developer site: _https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/disperse-pixels-101494
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
tablet: not required
System requirements: Unity 5.6.2 or higher

Dispersed pixels create the visual effect of disintegrating or materializing a mesh, sprite, UI image, or UI text with hundreds to thousands of particles through the built-in particle system. Just add a prefab to the renderer target in the script and you’re done.

Dispersion effect styles include pixelated, gritty, and cloudy (with an option dedicated to ghostly teleportation/blinking). There are 21 prefabs in total, and the guide details how to set up your own dispersion effect.

The level of detail of the target mesh does not matter. Sprite, polygon and polygon meshes work fine. It has nothing to do with tessellation. There are also mobile optimized options.
The package also comes with 13 sound effect clips in 44kHz stereo sampling rate, matching the preset effects as shown in the demos.

Before you buy:
• All demos use “linear” color space, but this asset works in “gamut” as well.
• Works with both deferred and forward rendering.
• Music not included.

For the sake of performance, the overclocking effect happens “all at once”. In other words, it doesn’t allow you to gradually dissipate one object from one side to the other, or part of it, let alone still move. Just before the dissipation effect begins, the target object must be visually static and dissipate immediately. However, you can pre-cut your mesh or sprite into chunks. Then assign all of these parts to an array of script targets, Disperse Pixels. Finally, increase the dispersion interval property as desired.

This asset does not destroy the mesh procedurally like another popular asset, nor does it destroy or transport a mesh released by a Unity employee. The methods used are quite different and there are pros and cons between the three.

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