DDMF – Plugindoctor 1.5.0 [WiN x86 x64]

By | December 1, 2020


Year / Release Date: 11.2020
Version: 1.5.0
Developer: DDMF
Developer site: ddmf
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: present | R2R
System requirements: Win 32/64

Description: DDMF Plugindoctor will show you what plugins do with the audio signal.
Software for developers and producers that analyzes the performance of VST plugins.
Developers from the DDMF studio have released the DDMF Plugindoctor software, which is distinguished by unusual functionality – the development reflects the effect of processing on the audio signal by VST plugins and processors.
According to DDMF, Plugindoctor will be useful for developers and producers. Developers will receive data on all changes in the audio signal that appear due to the work of the products being developed, which, in the future, will help make plugins better. In turn, producers will be able to assess what the final effect will be by using a particular VST plug-in.
Many people know that emulating analog hardware in VST format introduces distortion into the signal, which marketers call “warmth”, “vintage”, “tube” and just analog sound. By ear, not everyone will be able to understand what is happening with the sound, what “colors” this or that plug-in has introduced, how it changed the frequency response or spun the phase. There are VST analyzers for that!
Key features of DDMF Plugindoctor
Independent analysis of stereo channels;
Linear analysis of the input signal;
Harmonic analysis;
The presence of an oscilloscope that reflects changes in the audio signal in real time;
Displaying the speed of plugins: how many milliseconds it takes to process the audio signal and what kind of delay plugins create;
The ability to use a linear signal to evaluate the compression performance;
Fully scalable display;
Built-in screenshot function;
Availability of 32- and 64-bit versions of the program;


New in version :
2020/10/30: v1.5.0 PD could crash when moving the frequency slider in the Harmonics tab without any plugin loaded
2020/10/28: v1.4.9 previous version was crashing on OSX in 32 bit. No change for Windows.
2020/10/22: v1.4.8 removed possible reason for rare crash
2020/09/01: v1.4.7 re-added mouse pointer value display which got lost somewhere on the way …
2020/08/05: v1.4.6 added option to analyze the difference between two plugs; added another small fix to the issue from the previous version
2020/08/02: v1.4.5 fixed bug that led to missing curve in Linear Analysis tab
2020/07/16: v1.4.4 greatly reduced CPU usage without plugin loaded
2020/05/25: v1.4.3 fixed a network error on Windows
2020/05/14: v1.4.2 added option for processing speed, from realtime like in a DAW to ultrafast, like before
2020/04/09: v1.4.1 fixed possible floating point errors, faster UI loading time
2020/03/09: v.1.4.0 waveshaper, dynamic ramp and fundamental sweep now in stereo, proper scaling of test pulse length with sample rate, mouse cursor added to oscilloscope, fix for Hammerstein calculations with hardware, harmonic and linear y axis now keeping horizontal lines in place, changing labels accordingly, notarization and stapling for Mac Catalina
2019/12/27: v1.3.3 moved some sliders from general settings to individual tabs (linear level, harmonic level + frequency)
2019/12/05: v1.3.2 enable all plugin buses by default (would crash some VST3 plugins before)
2019/11/25: v1.3.1 removed an error from the hardware analysis thread
2019/10/28: v1.3.0 added possibility to analyze two plugins at once
2019/06/21: v1.2.5 fixed wrong millisecond display in plugins with 64 bit audio processing
2019/05/17: v1.2.4 Split Mac version into separate 32 and 64 bit apps
2019/04/16: v1.2.3 Re-added THD display for hardware analysis, some stability fixes
2019/04/05: v1.2.2 split buffer in smaller pieces to accomodate for Arturia and the like …
2019/04/05: v1.2.1 remove dynamic ramp settings when switching to attack / release mode
2019/04/04: v1.2.0 simultaneous use of plugin and hardware; Hammerstein analysis tab; fixed scaling of graphs on highres monitors; selectable dynamic range in Dynamic ramp section
2018/12/14: v1.1.7 added scaling fix for older Windows versions, correct display of curves for plugins with more than two channels
2018/11/27: v1.1.6 added option to not reload last loaded plugin, fixed THD + N bug
2018/11/14: v1.1.5 removed reason for possible crash
2018/11/12: v1.1.4 fixed sample rate change for VSTs, added text file export
2018/10/31: v1.1.3 added single frequency sweep as alternative for delta peak linear analysis
2018/10/29: v1.1.2 added THD sweep and waveshaping analysis; fixed some instabilities
2018/08/22: v1.1.1 added double click opening in plugin browser, automatic loading of last loaded plugin at startup, fixed some possible crash sources
2018/07/09: v1.1.0 added proper VST3 handling in plugin library browser
2018/07/06: v1.0.9 added plugin browser, now also loading shell plugins and previously problematic AU plugins
2018/06/07: v1.0.8 added hardware analysis, multiple stored curves, fixed some crashes
2018/05/20: v1.0.7 took care of occasional flickering in harmonic analysis section
2018/05/17: v1.0.6 rewrote graphics engine to speed up rendering, opengl now mandatory, settings in separate window, added impulse response display option in linear analysis
2018/02/24: v1.0.5 proper restoring of linear dec range, moved calculation of THD and THD + N to dedicated audio thread
2018/02/14: v1.0.3 / v1.0.4 extended frequency range in linear analysis, added waves shell support for vst, added storage option for default settings, 48 ​​kHz and proper replacing of saved screenshot images
2018/02/11: v1.0.2 proper lateny treatment in linear analysis, option to turn off opengl
2018/02/09: v1.0.1 first bugfixes, manual added
2018/02/07: v1.0.0 Initial release



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