Dark Intervals – RAWA (KONTAKT)

By | September 17, 2023


Publisher: Dark Intervals
Website: Dark Intervals
Format: KONTAKT minimum version 7.1.5
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: RAWA
Subtle, pulsating atmosphere of shamanic rituals.
RAWA Multipatterns
RAWA – Synth Sounds
RAWA Percussion demo #1
RAWA – Percussion demo #2

RAWA is a collection of loops mostly inspired by tribal dance grooves
Instrument is separated in 4 different loop categories plus Multis.
1. Plucked Strings (30)
Playful and exciting loops and patterns made with mandolin and electric guitar.
2. Synth Experiments (31)
Loops made with few analog synths combined.
3. Inspirational Motion (16)
Blend of various instruments combined in an inspirational motion, in key of C major (aminor)
Each note of scale has a shimmering motion in a chord on scale note, making possible
to play chord progressions. Some chords are flavored with tonal extension (added 7
or 9, etc) :

Here are chords dedicated to notes:
C–C major
D–d minor
E–d minor
F–F major
F# – D major inverted
G–G Major
Ab – Ab major
A–A minor
Bb – Bb major
B–G major inverted
C2 – C major variation or inversion (patch dependent)
4. Percussion Loops (33)
Loops made with udu, skin drum, tambuata and floor tom.
5. Multis (32)
Various patches layered together.


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