Cymatics – Trap melodies + bonus 808 pack (MIDI, WAV)

By | January 5, 2022


Publisher: Cymatics
Format: MIDI, WAV
Quality: 16/24/32 bit 44.1 / 48 kHz stereo

Description: Hazard Trap Melodies
Inspired by artists such as Kodak Black, Future, and Lil Durk, the Hazard Trap Kit is full of synthesized loops for dark trap, including basics and midi for each.
If you like weird and unique sounds, sequences, and interesting arrangements throughout a melodic loop, this is the set you’ve been looking for.
And with sound processing technologies such as longitudinal, reversible and choppy, you can actually create dozens of different tracks from just one loop.
Toxic trap melodies
Toxic Trap Melodies offers you Trap melody loops based on Latin trap and includes many melodies with live guitars and other instruments.
Many of the loops include multiple sections, some of which have been cut and reworked to give a slightly different vibe to the beats.
Lethal 808 Samples
You don’t have to work hard to get your 808 to handle all of this.
We’ve designed every 808 in this package to handle any beat style, from clean and crisp to dirty and distorted, there’s a little bit of everything in extremely high quality.
With the Lethal 808, you have the only 808 kit you will ever need to create any type of track.

Content :
Hazard Trap Melodies specs:
20 Samples
Total size: 1.21 GB
Toxic Trap Melodies specs:
20 Samples
Total size: 974.1 MB
Lethal 808 Samples specs:
21 Samples
Total size: 9.7 MB

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