Cosmigo – Pro Motion NG 7.2.7 [WiN x86 x64]

By | October 6, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 2020/08/23
Version: 7.2.7
Developer: Cosmigo
Developer website:
Buy on Steam:
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: English + Russian
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64bit)

• This is a program for creating Pixel Art (Pixel Art), a kind of Photoshop in the environment of editors for Pixel Art and is head and shoulders above all other editors in this area in terms of functionality.
• The average entry threshold, it will not be difficult for a beginner to figure it out thanks to the Russian translation and hints in almost all menus!
• The program is designed primarily for pixel art, animation and creating level maps from tiles (Tiles) and the palette is limited to 256 colors per image, although you can work in conjunction with Photoshop if you are so used to it.
• What is Pro Motion?
Pro Motion is a graphics and animation software. You can use it to create game graphics optimized for PDAs, consoles and PCs, animated GIFs, icons, comics, logos, stills or clip art, and for your web pages.
• This is especially useful for creating game graphics and level maps for games, or for creating low-volume bitmaps for your media.
• A wide range of powerful features and tools will help you create high quality animation.
• Professional artists will find useful tools such as the use of layers to create smooth animations (leaf skinning) or to work with layered graphics.
You can easily transfer your ideas into a sketch. Pro Motion was designed to be similar to the legendary Deluxe Paint that became very popular on Amiga computer systems. Thus, this is the best solution for all people who are moving from Amiga to PC.
• Support for many types of files will help you work in conjunction with other graphics programs.


Brief overview of some features:
• Simple color index and alpha transparency
• Layer system including effects, blend modes, transparency, blocking
• Over 200 customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Quick zoom and preview
• Loading animation from individual image files and saving to them
• Cropping and scaling
• Customize the mouse wheel for various functions
• Unlimited undo history
• Dark UI option
• Determining the pixel size and ratio to have dimensions like 2×1
• Copying and pasting frames and animation parts
• Round, rectangular or custom brush shapes
• Perfect Pixel (Pixel perfect) to remove blurry pixels in real time
• Transparent brushes
• Animated brushes (the brush itself is an animation)
• Anti-aliasing
• Real-time automatic dither patterns
• Over 25 different drawing modes such as translucent, lighten, darken, feather, soften, color cycle, midtone, tint, and more.
• Create your own drawing modes with the built-in formula editor
• Shape tools such as circle/rectangle
• Fill using texture, solid colors or gradients
• Hollow with different point space
• Pen pressure support for brush size, gradient, smoothing, and more.
• Standard tools such as Polygon (line) filled and unfilled, Curve
• Selection of brushes in the form of free, rectangular, polygonal selection, magic wand
• Spray
• Text using all installed Windows fonts and self-defined bitmap fonts
• Fill with solid color or different fill methods, gradient with two dither methods (ordered/random)
• Solid and Individual Dots
• Free customizable gradients.
• Draw Animation (AnimPainting) – flip frames while drawing.
• Single color, text, or custom brushes derived from part of an image
• Support for animated brushes (select animation as brush)
• Rotate (90°, 180°, free with live display)
• Mirror
• Resizing (free or proportional stretch)
• Stroke color
• Compression for a row of one pixel
• Use brush to fill Pattern
• Load/save (animated) brushes
• Resize the brush or animated brush to the optimal width and height
• Defining colors in the RGB/HSB color scheme
• Editing color values ​​in Web code
• Import 24-bit graphics with automatic color reduction
• Floating color palette for quick selection and change
• Create smooth color transitions
• Use gradients to fill objects with different color shades (linear, contour, radial, etc.)
• Create images containing palette-based color alternation
• Sort palette by hue, saturation, brightness or color
• Copy color ranges from one table to another
• Color reduction with optimized or custom color palettes, including dithering for the best image quality.
• Automatically remove unused or duplicate palette colors
• Import color palettes from image files
• Ordered and random dithering
• Use local (frame dependent) or global color palettes
• Load/Save palette data
• Change the contrast, saturation and brightness of a range of colors in the palette
• Pattern drawing support to create endless textures
• Support for Sprite Sheet (read/write), PNG/BMP
• Tile map editor with automatic optimization, mirroring, flexible export, changing tiles in place
• RGB channel depth selectable from 222 to 888
• Multi-layer export (layer to file, automatic alignment)
• Color limiting mechanism to automatically check graphics against acceptable hardware limits (C64, Nintendo DS…).
• Masking based on mask pixels or colors (stencil), including quick selection
• Grid to which you can bind the brush while painting
• Draw symmetrical images with the dedicated symmetry drawing tool
• Scalable grid to create any type of grid, including isometric, octagonal or rectangular
• Glow table to overlay different animation keyframes on top of others to display with different brightness. This effect is also called onion skinning.
• User defined brush grip position
• Fix the image to change and restore at the pixel level
• Simultaneous display of enlarged and original image
• Full screen editing
• Scalable animation display during playback
• Container for brushes to saveand organizing brushes, objects, and animations for reuse
• Display of position coordinates and dimensions
• Wide range of DPaint labels (Amiga and PC)
• Lock mouse movement (x/y) for precise positioning
• Use animated brushes (the brush itself is an animation).
• Different delay values ​​for each frame or FPS delay.
• Keyframe definition
• Multiple playback modes (ping pong, loop, replay…)
• Scalable animation playback
• Changing the speed during playback
• Glow table/Onion skinning for easier animation creation
• Alternating colors while drawing
• Insert/delete/add/copy/revert frame ranges
• Add animation
• Compuserver GIF89a (.gif)
• Deluxe Paint image (.lbm)
• Dr.Halo CUT (*.cut)
• Amiga Interchange File Format (.iff) / with Anim5 support
• Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
•JPEG (.jpg)
• PC Paintbrush (.pcx)
• Portable Network Graphics (.png)
• Tagged Image (.tga)
• Autodesk Flic (.fli/flc)
• Windows AVI (.avi)
• Sprites (.spr)
• Windows Icon (.ico)
• Windows animated Cursors (.ani)
• Gameboy Cel File (.cel)

Installation and Russification
1. Run the file: Pro Motion NG 7.2.7
2. For the full version of the program, place the ‘ pmotion.exe ‘ file from the ‘ ENG ‘ folder into the folder with the installed program
( by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\cosmigo\Pro Motion NG ) agree to the replacement ( to move to this folder you must have administrator rights. )

Below is the recommended way – that is, you will have 2 versions of the program, in English and Russian, this is for convenience, since a number of lessons on the program will be in English, respectively, and the program menu too.
1. If you want to Russify the program – place the file ‘ pmotion ru ‘ in the folder with the installed program ( by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\cosmigo\Pro Motion NG ) to move to this folder you must have Administrator rights.
2. Next, move the cursor over the ‘ pmotion ru ‘ file you moved and press the right mouse button from the list, select ” Create Shortcut “, move the created shortcut to where it is convenient for you ( for example, to the Desktop ), this shortcut will launch the Russian version of the program.

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