Cableguys – FilterShaper 3.2.2 (VST) [Win x86 x64]

By | October 23, 2017


FilterShaper 3 is a huge leap in an unconventional sound design that has 2 powerful filters, freely editable modulation curves and an extremely flexible modulation scheme. New Sallen-Key filters provide a rich, warm and complex sound. Create complex, biasing, twisted effects. Apply subtle nuances or giant fluctuations. From filters and stereo tremolo to surgically accurate filter control.
FilterShaper 3 takes a giant leap into unconventional sound design with two powerful filters, freely editable modulation curves, and an immensely flexible modulation framework.

The new Sallen-Key type filters deliver a rich, warm, intricate sound. Create complex, shifting, interweaving effects. Apply subtle nuances or giant wobbles. From filtersweeps and stereo tremolo to surgically-precise filter control.

Experiment and Explore
Start with two filters, running in serial or in parallel, plus a set of simple controls. Then set things in motion: LFOs and one envelope follower each. For advanced effects editing, each LFO in turn has its own speed and intensity control – each with its own LFO and envelope follower. And all LFOs can be MIDI triggered. Visual feedback on each control and oscilloscope views on each LFO keep you focused. And a community-powered, ever-growing library of presets, providing starting points and inspiration for your own sounds.

Total Precision Control
FilterShaper 3 excels at surgically precise control. For pinpoint tweaking of the modulation curves and a close-up. Filter out a specific beat in a loop. Tame a booming kick. Or shape a tired sample. You have two filters, 60 LFOs, and 50 envelope followers at your fingertips – a detailed, interconnected toolbox for shaping your sound.

Advanced Dualband Sidechain Effects
As well as pinpoint editing, pulsing rhythmic effects, and left-field, alien craziness, FilterShaper 3 can deliver flexible, precisely timed sidechain compression effects. For the dualband sidechain, set up the filter one to manage the lows and assign the filter two to the highs. Duck out the bass when the kick hits, take out the highs to emphasize a snare – just draw the curve for each as required.


Year / Date of Issue : 01/01/2015
Version : 3.2.2
Developer : Cableguys
Developer’s site :
Format : VST
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Windows:
2 GHz CPU with SSE2 support
Windows 7, 8 or 10
VST host sequencer
32- or 64-bit
2 GHz Intel CPU
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
VST or AU host sequencer
32- or 64-bit



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