Boom Library – BOOM ONE UPDATE 09.23, 10.23 and 11.23 (WAV)

By | November 6, 2023


Publisher: Boom Library
Website: Boom Library
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Description: ONE MASSIVE & ENERAL SOUND LIBRARY BOOM ONE is a unique set of original high-quality sound effects that have not been released in any other BOOM Library collection.

The sounds are completely new, created from scratch and not featured anywhere else in any of our collections. They are from all genres for all audio professions, a general library that everyone can use, with common genres that everyone needs that are often left out of other libraries.

Starting with 40,000 files containing over 90,000 sound effects, BOOM ONE is our new flagship for general sound effects.
No reused sounds, pristine and consistent quality. Ideal for creators, post-pros, video, gaming and more.

BOOM ONE is the basis of your success. A comprehensive and consistent reference library of common sound effects that is the perfect complement to our massive themed BOOM Library collection.

Update 23.09

600+ NEW FILES / 2300+ SOUNDS / 18+ GB
Our latest BOOM ONE collection features over 600 high-quality sound effects to spark your creativity. From African jungle ambiences to terrifying creature vocals, this collection has everything you need to bring your media projects to life. Our expert sound designers traveled the world to capture unique sounds in stunning detail. Join the BOOM ONE community today to go wild with these new sound effects and get access to even more every month!
Transport yourself to peaceful forests, deer-filled woods, and wild jungles with 162 pristine nature ambience sounds. Our sound designers used specialized equipment to capture every subtle detail, resulting in immersive backgrounds perfect for any project. Rare African nature ambiences, including exotic bird calls and insects near watering holes, will give your media an authentic feel. Also included are high-quality water ambiences from babbling brooks to cliffside creeks that provide the calming sounds of nature.
– Forest Ambiences
– River
– Cliffside & Creek Ambiences
– African Nature Ambiences With Exotic Birdsong
Bring your creatures to life with 408 male and female humanoid creature vocals and source sounds. Detailed growls, screams, barks, and snarls were created by our sound designer Jannik Hähn to spark your imagination. Weird and wonderful source sounds, like kazoos, pneumatic air sounds, and crow pipes, provide the building blocks to design unique creatures of your own. Our creature vocals will give your game characters, cartoons, and other media gravitas and emotion.
– Snarls
– Growls
– Barks
– Screams
– Howls
– Hisses
– Spits

Update 23.10

600+ NEW FILES / 2500+ SOUNDS / 8+ GB
Ready to add some riley barks and revving engines to your sound library? BOOM ONE is excited to announce our latest update, packed with dogs and car handling sounds. From the honks of angry drivers to the bark of a friendly pup, these sounds will add texture to many of your future projects. Plus, also included are a handful of buttons, switches, seaside ambiences, and more.
For all your canine needs, we present you with 97 dog sounds recorded at an animal shelter. We’ve captured mixed breeds, Staffordshires, Labradors, Kangals, and more. Some of these dogs were also recorded with the Sanken CO-100K in 192 KHz for an even higher level of detail, though most were captured in stereo at 96 KHz.
– Mixed Breeds
– Staffordshire
– Labrador
– Kangal
– And More
We bring you 319 car handling sounds, including additional engine sounds for models like Opel Corsa, Honda Jazz, Ford Fusion, Seat Ibiza, and more. Our sound designers have captured a variety of interior and exterior perspectives, including recordings like door open and close, hood open and close, trunk open and close, windshield wipers, keys, turns and knobs, windows, horn, adjustable seats, indicators, and more. The handling sounds are especially detailed and varied, providing a comprehensive selection of sounds for any car-related project.
– Opel Corsa
– Honda Jazz
– Ford Fusion
– Seat Ibiza
– And More

Update 23.11

600+ NEW FILES / 3200+ SOUNDS / 8+ GB
Explore new vocal possibilities with the latest BOOM ONE update! This release transports you through over 200 human vocal noises, 100 spine-chilling textures and effects to create eerie Halloween atmospheres, and 300 cinematic effects and ambiences, from juicers to forest recordings to help transport your listeners to the scene. Dive into these AAA-quality samples today!
Our mouths are like a symphony of sounds, conducting a grand performance that goes beyond mere words. From the gentle whispers of breathing to the dramatic crescendos of yawning, and even the playful duets of slurping, coughing, and kissing, our oral repertoire of 200 vocal sounds is truly a masterpiece. Our recordist, Yannick Winter, worked with six voice talents to capture these unadulterated vocal effects that bring a touch of authenticity and plunge our projects into a sea of immersion.
– Breathing
– Slurping
– Exhaling
– Sniffing
– Burping
– Coughing
– Kissing
– Grunting
– Sneezing
– Smelling
– Whistling
– Yawning
– Snoring
– And More
We’ve conjured up 100 spine-chilling Halloween effects that are perfect for sending shivers down your spine for your eerie projects and ghoulish galleries. BOOM Library professionals have gone above and beyond to capture the essence of creepiness in this collection, recording everything you might needfrom creaking wood floors and doors to haunting piano notes and string slides. And let’s not forget about the eerie designed sounds like music boxes and choirs that will send shivers down your spine.
– Creepy Creaking Wood Floor And Door
– Piano Notes And Creaks
– Knocking On Door
– String Slides
– Eerie Designed Sounds Like Music Box Or Creepy Choir
– Creepy Drones
– And More
Unleash the power of these 300 additional sounds and transport your audiences to enchanting forests or the cozy corners of their own neighborhoods. The ceramic clinks, juicer whirs, and sawing wood are like a tactile audio symphony for the ambiance. With this diverse range of sounds, you’ll be designing projects like the master sound designer you are, effortlessly riding the wave of your creativity.
– Forest And Suburban Ambiences
– Ceramic Sounds
– Doors
– Wood Sawing Sounds
– Wood Chopping Sounds
– Juice Maker
– Metal Friction Sounds
– And More

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