Black Octopus Sound – Zara Taylor In Pieces (WAV)

By | February 11, 2018


Black Octopus Sound is extremely proud to present the first ever vocal sample from the world renowned artist Zara Taylor. This vocal sample pack is an inspiring journey through 12 versatile songs, and is packed full of extras for music producers of all genres. Each song is labeled with a key & tempo information and comes with a MIDI & reference file to get up and running immediately.
She has been called one of the most tender voices in dance and a stimulating aural aphrodisiac. Best known for her intoxicating melodies and profound lyrics, Zara Taylor’s voice has been made a lasting impact on the dance music scene including singles and compilations.
Progressive House back in 2006 with DJ Sultan. They released their first single ‘No Why’ on the Deep Dish’s record label, ‘Yoshitoshi’ followed by numerous successful collaborations, including ‘Be with U’ and their official remix of ‘Let’s Get Physical’. In 2008, after debuting on the Trance scene with the all-time balearic “Crawling”, Zara teamed up again with Roger Shah aka Sunlounger for the massive hit ‘Lost’ which quickly became # 1 on the Beatport charts. The single made Armin’s ASOT 2008 Compilation, was voted Future Favorite, and won # 1 Trance Song of the Year on ASOT Radio, establishing Zara’s name amongst the top vocalists in EDM. Two years later, Armin Van Buuren’s mash-up of the epic tune again reached the # 1 spot on the charts proving to be a timeless winner. Since then Zara has continued collaborations with her favorite hit maker, Roger Shah, with another “fan favorite”, “Try To Be Love”, appearing on Armin’s ASOT 2012 Compilation and Universal Religion albums. Echoing the success of ‘Lost’, ‘Try To Be Love’ was also voted tune of the week and the future. Taking a 3 year hiatus after her birth of her daughter, Zara came with her highly anticipated single “Fire”, released on Tiesto’s label – Blackhole Records.
This is a vocalist that continues to surprise us. Zara appears on the scene every now and again with her provocatively emotional vocals, randomly disappearing again only to return to our headphones when she has something worth saying.
For the first time ever, Zara is the herald of “In Pieces”, a very special and personal Vocal Pack from this elusive artist.

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Zara Taylor In Pieces includes:
12 Full Songs
Each song provided in dry * & wet
Each song is broken down into phrases for quick re-edits and sampling
40 Chill FX
50 Vocal Atmospheres
50 Glitch FX
50 Tonal FX
41 Transition Swells
28 Ad libs
21 Delay Vocal FX
Lyric Sheet

Publisher : Black Octopus Sound
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

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