Bitsonic – Violent MidSide EQ 1.2 VST x86

By | August 25, 2016


Using Violent Mid-Side Equalizer we can separate the sounds on the right and left side and the middle of the audio track, then we can change their tunes separatedly. Plugin is most useful for mastering, but it can be used as a traditional equalizer as well:

  • Controller: On full frequency spectrum we can make changes in 7 different frequency range, and there’s also a low and a high pass filter.
  • Q value: We can change the value on the graphic display. This is a small-sized knob next to the number of the frequency range.
  • Simple and Mid/Side mode: In simple, all 7 editable range has colour-codes. You can change or turn off the effect the change of the ranges cause with the colour-coded buttons. In Mid/Side mode these codes change to the Mid/Side’s colour-codes. The two modes are independent from one another, the adjusments of one have no effect on the other. Therefore, even if you change to mid/side, the adjusments of simple mode will be unaffected.
  • Brickwall: This function is turned off by default. In general, it’s advised that it’s not used, but if this is the eq at the end of the effect-chain, it might be needed to be used to avoid overdrive. It is important to note that this function’s side effect is that it’ll compress the sign somewhat. Using this function can be avoided if we use the slider for volume-adjusment and lower the volume until there’s no longer overdrive.
  • Limited version: In the limited version there are no presets, LP or HP filters; and there’s only 4 frequency ranges that can be changed.


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