Big Fish Audio – Deep Dub Rising Sample Library (WAV, AIFF)

By | June 21, 2024


Developer: Big Fish Audio
Format: WAV
Quality: 44100Hz 16bit Stereo

Library for producing music in Dub style. The lineup includes instruments such as Caribbean flutes, tabla, sitar, darbuka, talking drums, Afro-Caribbean guitars, exotic percussive loops, delay-based effects, tape-echo saxophones, magic pianos, and other such unusual content.

Big Fish Audio Deep Dub Rising Sample Library DVD includes:
•31 24-bit kit set, which consists of 491 loops in WAV format
•31 kit sets, which consists of 491 16-bit AIFFs, ready for Garage Band, Logic 7 and Soundtrack Pro
•Full mixed and mastered ready-made arrangements from all kit sets.

compound :
* Instruments and sample loops include:
* Etherial Dub Guitar
* Sub Connected Basses
*Sabar Percussives
* Tabla Sequences and Slaps
* Reformulated Loops and Percussives
* Sultry Caribbean Steel Pans
* Undulating Delhi Tabla Patterns
* Delay based effects
* Tape Echoed Plexed Saxes
* Ultra tight drumatics
* Live B3 Subbed Leslie Organs
* Reimagined Suitecase Pianos
* Far and away echoplexes
* Pooka chug Guitars
*Doombie Basses
* Mluiking Bells
*Organic Clones
* Twinkie Flit Beats
* Twang Plucked Rhythms

Compatibility :
* Acid
*Adobe Audition
* Battery
* Cubase
*Digital Performer
* Drumcore
* Emu Emulator X2
* FL Studio
* GigaStudio
* HALion
* Logic
* Nuendo
* ProTools
* VSampler DXi

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