Baklava Sounds – Orient Express Library (KONTAKT)

By | June 5, 2024


Publisher: Baklava Sounds
Website: Baklava Sounds
Quality: 24 Bit – 48.000 kHz (Stereo Sound)

Description: Orient Express is a unique Kontakt library that will take you on a sonic journey from Europe to Ballads and from the Middle East to the Far East.
The library includes over 200 sounds, ranging from reading instruments to bowed instruments, wind instruments and more.
These sounds will definitely add a unique flavor to your productions! Not to mention the ability to reproduce them on a unique microtonal scale.

Take a sonic ride on the Orient Express from Europe to the Near East, from the Balkans to the Middle East with the 200+ included sounds in the Orient Express Kontakt library.
Orient Express is a unique Kontakt Library that takes you on a sonic trip from Europe to the Balkans, from the Near East to the Far East, and all points in between.
The library includes over 200 sounds ranging from Reeded Instruments to Bowed Instruments to Wind Instruments and more.
These sounds will definitely give your productions some unique flavors!
Not to mention the ability to play them in unique microtone scales.

What version does the library run on?
Compatible with KONTAKT 6 & 7. Doesn’t work on versions lower than 6.7 – If you have contact 6 or 7 on your computer, the library you downloaded will work without any problems. Now you can turn on the sound you want and use it

The following sounds are included in our Orient Express Kontakt Library XP :

Accordion Bassoon
Accordion Bellow
Accordion Clarinet
Accordion Lazy
Accordion Oboe
Accordion Organ
Accordion Reed
Accordion Soprano
Accordion Supita
Accordion Synth

Baglama Humbucker
Baglama Mono
Baglama Neck
Baglama Phaser
Bouzouki Amp
Bouzouki Solo
Bouzouki Tremolo

Clarinet Amza
Clarinet Breath
Clarinet Careful
Clarinet Confident
Clarinet Flexible
Clarinet Hard
Clarinet Husnu
Clarinet Quick
Clarinet Synth
Clarinet Wide

Duduk & Flutes
Duduk I Slow
Duduk II
Fluier Tremolo
Flute Flexible
Flute Pipe
Flute Quick
Flute Smooth
Ney Flute

Gaida & Gasba
Gajda Flexible
Gajda Folk
Gajda Octave
Gajda Synth
Gasba Breath
Gasba Puff
Gasba Woody

Guitar Flexible
Guitar Snappy

Kamanjat Focused
Kamanjat Strings Pro
Kamanjat Sliding
Kamanjat Soaring
Kamanjat Staccato

Kanun Bridge
Kanun Focused
Kanun Gentle
Kanun Metal
Kanun Pluck
Kanun Shiny
Kanun Solo
Kanun Tremolo

Kaval Breath
Kaval Breath II – Original
Kaval Burst
Kaval Fair
Kaval Gentle
Kaval Hard
Kaval Overblown
Kaval Pipe
Kaval Pure
Kaval Soft
Kaval Vibrato
Kaval Wind

Lead Synth
Lead Amza
Lead Arcade
Lead Attention
Lead Ball
Lead Bite
Lead Bowey
Lead Brassy
Lead Breath
Lead Bulb
Lead Cello
Lead Contact
Lead Dancey
Lead Flexible
Lead Hollow
Lead Muted
Lead Octave
Lead Oxygen
Lead Party
Lead Peeking
Lead Piercing
Lead Raspy
Lead Resin
Lead Resy
Lead Rising
Lead Screaming
Lead Searing
Lead Sliding
Lead Smooth
Lead Snappy
Lead Square
Lead Squishy
Lead Standard
Lead Sweet
Lead Swimming
Lead Synced
Lead Thick
Lead Transistor
Lead Transparent
Lead Vintage
Lead Wide

Mijwez Standard

Organ Farfisa
Organ Flexible
Organ Simple

Oud Hard
Oud Mono
Oud Plucked
Oud Tremolo
Oud Woody

Oriental Pads
Pad Oriental
Pad Quarter

Rebab Flexible
Rebab Resin
Rebab Sharp
Rebab Wide

Sax Barky
Sax Blower
Sax Buzz
Sax Fingering
Sax Flexible
Sax Gentle
Sax Party
Sax Present
Sax Smooth
Sax Soprano
Sax Wirey
Sax Yelling

Saz Amp
Saz Bridge
Saz Electric
Saz Flexible
Saz Humbucker
Saz Nimble
Saz Octave
Saz Phaser
Saz Slippery
Saz Solo
Saz Wood

Sitar Pointed
Sitar Sneaky


Strings Flexible
Strings Intimate
Strings Kemanlar
Strings Majestic
Strings Octave
Strings Oriental
Strings Orkestr
Strings Playful
Strings Silky
Strings Sliding
Strings Soaring
Strings Thick

Tambal Heavy
Tambal Metal
Tambal Old
Tambal Pluck
Tambal Pointed
Tambal Wood

Trombone Party
Trumpet Party
Trumpet Sliding


Violin Bowing
Violin Calling
Violin Electric
Violin Focused
Violin Friction
Violin Hard
Violin Harmonics
Violin Lyrical
Violin Octave
Violin Raspy
Violin Resin
Violin Scratchy
Violin Sliding
Violin Wirey

Zokra Zurna
Zurla Calling
Zurla Pop
Zurla Sharp
Zurla Squishy
Zurla Vibrato
Zurla Wide
Zurna Calling
Zurna Flexible
Zurna Focused
Zurna Hard
Zurna La
Zurna Squishy
Zurna Wide
Zurna Yelling

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