Audio Imperia – Jaeger v1.2 Repack (KONTAKT)

By | July 10, 2024


Publisher: Audio Imperia
Website: Audio Imperia – Jaeger
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Derived from the German word Jäger (hunter), JAEGER is the first release in a series of orchestral instruments that delve into a new world of contemporary film music. As composers, we often look for inspiration, but constant project deadlines don’t give us time to wait for it. Just put your hands on the keys and start playing.
And while the library primarily focuses on energetic and epic music, it’s not just loud, it’s also cinematic.

Hangar I: Strings
– 16 Violins
– 10 Violas
– 6 celli
– 4 Basses
Hangar II: Brass
– 3 Trumpets
– 6 Horns
– 2 Tenor & 2 Bass Trombones
– 2 Tubas
Hangar III: Percussion
– Gran Cassa Ensemble
– Taikos (Small, Medium, Large)
– Concert Tom Ensemble (Small, Large)
– Concert Snare Ensemble (Small, Large)
– Stick Ensemble
– Tam Tam
– Piatti

In true Audio Imperia fashion, we added more to the library than you’d normally expect. The orchestral sections are complemented by processed percussion mixes, an extensive sound design section, and most importantly, an incredibly unique vocal section featuring internationally renowned vocalist Merethe Soltvedt.

Merethe Soltvedt is an award-winning vocalist who has performed for composers such as Jeff Broadbent, Henry Lai, Tom Salta, Ivan Torrent and companies like Brand X, Two Steps From Hell, and Ghostwriter Music. A truly unique and very angelic voice that will add a whole other dimension to your music
– Legato (Aah, Ooh, Mmm)
– Sustained (Aah, Ooh, Mmm)
– Riser Scales (Major/Minor and Soft/Loud)
– Phrases (Major/Minor and Soft/Loud)
Jaeger features our renowned sound design engine, which is an integral part of many libraries in the Audio Imperia product lineup. The engine really takes the mindset that any sound can be “musical” to another level, with its infinite sound sculpting capabilities and its tweaking richness. A perfect bridge between the worlds of sound effects and music production.
– Hits by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn
– Braaams ​​and Drones by Paul Ortiz
– Braaams, Hits and SFX by Bryan Leach

Additional Information :
Wav samples from the 05 Sound Design folder have been converted to ncw format. All samples are packed into containers, thereby reducing the number of files.

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