Auddict – Angel Strings Vol.1 (KONTAKT)

By | September 12, 2022


Release year: 2020
Publisher: Audidict
Website: Audidict
Version: 5.8.1 Full Version
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description : Angel Strings Vol 1 is a gorgeous collection of string textural elements/plunges, various styles of spiccato/staccato, marcato for soft attacks with sustain, fast tempo-locked tremolo for powerful driving hooks and much more…

The Auddict libraries have already been used to outstanding results in film and video games with users such as Yasunori Mitsuda, Clayton (Celldweller) and Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang).
These are strings you’ve never heard before… new tricks, eleven mic positions that can be played with one full range of the keyboard!

What is inside :
– 35.17 GB (14.84 GB) Compressed and over 32,000 samples
– Never before used samples and methods
– The entire string orchestra plays from one large keyboard
– Perform and use separate sections if necessary
– Contact VST / AU / AAX (full version only)
– 11 microphone positions – Flexibility of a real session of film scoring
– Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses
– Multiple dynamic layers with crossfade capability
– Up to massive repetitions of 15RR per note for short articulations
– Includes Cluster to Unison Slides, Tonal Scuba Divers (Smooth/Temp/Trem), Risers, Marcato/Sus, Percussion Hits, Scratch Tone, Slides/Bends, Staccatissimo, Sul Pont Sus & Trem, Sul Tast Staccato, Behind Bridge Trem & Sus, Timbre swings, tempo-synced tremolo and more…

Additionally :
Due to the number of uncompressed wav files “On disk for 32 090 items”:
– All samples are compressed
– All samples are packed in containers
– Batch ReSave in 5.8.1

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