Animation Converter v1.02p03 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 9, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:04.04.2019
Version: v1.02p03
Developer: Soxware Interactive
Developer site: _
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
tablet: not required
System requirements: Unity 5.5.4 or higher

Convert animation clips to another animation type:
⭐ humanoid ⇆ generic ⇆ heritage
Convert between all 3 animation types in every possible combination.
⭐ convert Unity animation clips (*.anim)
Actually, Unity can only convert animations when they are imported from a 3D modeling format (*.fbx, *.blend, …).
⭐ Motion capture for general/legacy
Convert (free) motion-captured animations to make them usable for your generic/old characters.
⭐ Animation reuse
Converting a generic/legacy animation created for one character into a generic/legacy animation that another character can use.
An *. Anim to humanoid
Convert the animation created with the Unity Animation Window to a Humanoid.
⭐ expandable
Comes with an easy to use C# API and complete editor window source code.
⭐ Detailed guide
A detailed HTML-based guide in a style similar to the official Unity® guide.

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