Adobe – Photoshop 2022 – Portable by XpucT [WiN x64]

By | October 6, 2022


Release year: 2022
Address of. Website: Adobe Systems
Build author:by XpucT
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
Intel® or AMD processor, 2 GHz or faster, supporting 64-bit operating systems with SSE 4.2 or later
Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1803 or later; LTSC versions are not supported
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
Run as administrator
4 GB of free hard disk space for the full portable version
3 GB of free hard disk space for the optimized version
Monitor resolution 1024 x 768, graphics card with support for OpenGL 2.0, 16-bit colors, 512 MB video memory.

Adobe Photoshop is a multifunctional graphics editor developed and distributed by Adobe Systems.
It mainly works with raster images, but it has some vector tools.
The product is the market leader in commercial bitmap editing tools and Adobe’s best known product.


From the author:
I did not make any splash screens with my name and other rubbish.
This version will not leave a single folder in your system and a key in the registry.
Everything is stored in the directory where the program itself is located.


In any unclear situation:
1. You need to run the program as an administrator
2. Adobe Photoshop was written in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
In order for the program to work on your computer, you also need to install/update these components, otherwise this program will not work for you.

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