Adobe – Master Collection 2024 v1 – m0nkrus [WiN x64]

By | May 24, 2024


Year of release: 2023
Version: 2024 1.0
Office address. site: adobe
Author of the assembly : by m0nkrus
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: Cured
System requirements:
• 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11
• Internet access for online services

As I hope you know, the Adobe Master Collection 2024 package does not officially exist in nature; Adobe has never released it. But, nevertheless, he is in front of you! Moreover, it is assembled on the basis of a modern installer produced by Adobe, the use of which for this assembly became possible thanks to the joint efforts of yours truly and the well-known PainteR. We both worked hard to make this package come to life. Adobe Master Collection 2024 is a collection of applications from the Creative Cloud 2024 line, combined with a multilingual installer with the ability to select the installation path and interface language of the installed programs. In terms of functionality, everything is very similar to the well-proven Adobe Master Collection CS6 in the past. Only, the installer interface has undergone major changes compared to its namesake in the Creative Suite 6 line, the composition of the package has changed somewhat, and the versions of the programs themselves are definitely newe.

Package Contents:
Adobe Acrobat Pro 64-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe Acrobat Pro 32-bit (Russian and English)
Adobe After Effects 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Animate 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Audition 2024 (English only)
Adobe Bridge 2024 ( Russian and English)
Adobe Character Animator 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Dimension (English only)
Adobe Dreamweaver 2021 (Russian and English)
Adobe Fresco (Russian and English)
Adobe Illustrator 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe InCopy 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe InDesign 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Lightroom Classic (Russian and English)
Adobe Media Encoder 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Photoshop 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 (Russian and English)
Adobe Premiere Rush (Russian and English)
Adobe Substance 3D Designer (English only)
Adobe Substance 3D Modeler (English only)
Adobe Substance 3D Painter (English only)
Adobe Substance 3D Sampler (English only)
Adobe Substance 3D Stager (English only)
Adobe XD (Russian and English)

List of changes made:
– I, m0nkrus, discovered a hidden opportunity to use the Adobe standalone installer for multi-installation, and PainteR “caught” the missing syntax to initialize it.
– The assembly is based on the standalone Adobe installer version, which is not available to the general public.
– The Adobe Desktop Common module, which is required to be installed by the original installer, has been removed from the installer, with the exception of the required minimum.
– The Adobe Creative Cloud module, which is required to be installed by the original installer, has been completely removed from the installer.
– The installer has been modified so that programs authorized using Adobe ID do not display a message about the end of the trial period.
– The installer provides a choice of installation path and, in most cases, program interface language.
– In the installer window, I launched an animation of the Creative Cloud logo, which prevents you from getting bored during installation.
– If possible, all language packs except Russian and English are excluded from the distributions included in the assembly.
– Unlocked the ability to install programs on Windows 10 lower versions.
– The Maxon Cinema 4D program, which is part of the Adobe After Effects 2024 distribution, has been disinfected.
– The Adobe Acrobat Pro auto-update service, which is launched by default by the original program installer, is disabled.
– The Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, which is launched by default by the original Adobe Acrobat Pro installer, has been disabled.
– “Spread” shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat of different bit depths.
– For most programs, the spyware modules Log Transport Application and CRLog Transport Application are disabled.
– For most programs, when you log in with your Adobe ID, the “Library” panel (CC Library) becomes available. For some, saving projects and settings in the cloud.
– All programs have already been treated. Start windows (initial screens) work for almost all programs.

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