8Diо & Soundiron – Choirs Bundle – REPACK (KONTAKT)

By | April 16, 2024


Publisher: 8Dio & Soundiron
Website: www.tonehammer.com/th2.html
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: A collection of choirs from Tonehammer, 8Dio and Soundiron (all of which were online)
System requirements: NI Kontakt 5.3

Content :
8Dio Requiem Professional
8Dio Requiem Professional 2
Soundiron Mars Symphonic Mens Choir
Soundiron Mercury Boys Choir
Soundiron Olympus Elements
Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir
Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir 2.0
Soundiron Olympus Mike-ro Solo
Soundiron Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir
Soundiron Voice of Rapture The Tenor
Soundiron Voice of Gaia Bryn
Soundiron Voice of Gaia Strawberry
Soundiron Voices Of Rapture Soprano
Tonehammer Ball Choir
Tonehammer Barbary
Tonehammer Cait
Tonehammer Francesca
Tonehammer Helium Choir
Tonehammer Requiem Light
Tonehammer Terrie

Additional Information :
All the libraries included in this distribution have been “walking on the net”, many of them are on this site…. HOWEVER IN THIS COLLECTION….!!!!
1. Samples of all libraries are converted to NCW format and packaged in NKX containers.
2. Libraries that were dependent on the location of impulse packs are freed from this infection. Now, they are packaged in resource containers and tightly sewn to the patches.
3. You no longer need to use script interface installers. You no longer need to add any pictures folders with pictures anywhere. If you previously had any of these libraries installed, just delete these folders from everywhere. The pictures are also packaged in resource containers.
4. Removed duplicate samples.
5. Samples of the same name, different in size, have been renamed.
6. In the Forgotten Voices series libraries (Barbary, Cait, Francesca and Terrie), scripts and pictures have been replaced.
7. More than 1000 patches were manually resaved, and not just resaved, but at the same time changes were made to their scripts for the correct operation of the scripts.
8. Patch names have been made more accurate.

Requiem :
This assembly includes three versions of the Requiem library:
Requiem Light
Requiem Professional
Requiem Professional 2
All early claims that these three libraries use the same samples (especially Requiem Light and Requiem Professional version 1) are 80% unfounded. There were only 3080 completely identical samples. Duplicates have been removed. Yes, they have a bunch of samples of the same name, and if you removed the duplicates, there wouldn’t be a big problem. But these samples differ significantly in size. This means that the patches sound somewhat different. Therefore, these three libraries are now like a single whole. You can’t change the location of their folders and don’t try to parse them into three component parts – it won’t work. (This is for those who want to pull out individual libraries from this distribution). I just didn’t want to rename 3000 samples. Regarding other libraries, this problem does not exist.

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