SzcZ Audio – Sawmill v1.1 (KONTAKT)

By | January 28, 2019


Publisher : SzcZ Audio
Website : SzcZ Audio
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :
Sawmill is an instrument inspired by the supersaw sound. It is not a sound effect. I’m not a pitch. For example, you could also detune filters, LFO frequency, effects etc …
Welcome to Sawmill, where you can detune everything, on every oscillator.
There are seven synthesizers, with controllers conveniently grouped by type. So if you want a filter of cutoffs you can make a row of seven knobs to deal with. It makes it easy to experiment with oscillator layering.
Kontakt 5.8.1 or newer (full version) – Not Kontakt Player

v1.1 Update

– added some drop-down tool menus for modulator
– added some snapshots
– fixed some typos in manual

Additional Information:

Sawmill is not your standard sample library. It is an advanced and powerful synthesizer with sampled oscillators. There are 32 waveforms, generated mostly with a modular analog system.
It can be seen that it will make it sound more alive. Each sample has been looped through as much as possible.
It is a waveform selection that has been focused on focusing on it. domain.
It has been a great deal of effort to make it easy for people to use it.
Additionally there are several innovative functions.
There is a sequenced modulator of the LFO waveform.
It can be combined and / or patched to different parameters, like a pitch or filter cutoff. In fact, it can be automated using MIDI CC.
There is a pitch glide function with adjustable acceleration curve.
It is a simple chord.
+ 7 oscillator stack for all oscillator
+ 32 sampled oscillator types, analog and vintage digital
+ 2574 hand looped samples (2.75 GB unpacked – open wav)
+ 107 presets in snapshot format
+ Multi-arpeggiator with 8 arp patterns to combine
+ Step sequencer and LFO crossover modulator with 6 editable waveforms
Precise musical notes
+ 35 filter types
+ 105 Snapshots
+ 49 Page User Guide
The instrument is equipped with 4 LFOs, 5 envelopes, a standard set of constricted effects, and a ratchet. has a separate set.
There is also an advanced multi-arpeggiator, which can run several patterns simultaneously and a rather unique step-sequenced modulator. Beyond the standard supersaw sound.
There are 32 oscillator waveforms to choose from. Mostly different flavors are those with the best wavelength. Oscillator waveforms are tagged by source:
Modern analog – A / 110-4 A / 110-4 A / 110 modular system based on Intellijel Dixie and Doepfer (sine waveform); There are several flavors processed by
filter types, where cutoff is modulated loosely by pitch CV. There are numerous exotic shapes generated by mixing and
processing regular waveforms, using ring modulators, rectifiers, logic modules etc., all in analog domain.
Vintage analog – Sequential Circuits synthesizer with Sequential Circuits synthesizer There are three basic waveforms: saw, pulse and triangle. Moog type low pass filter. It is consistent over the whole set. This synthesizer is also the source of noise oscillator.
Vintage string machine – that’s a single pulse waveform recorded from 1979 by Siel Orchestra, which was basically a single oscillator out. This set doesn’t cover the whole 84 semitones, it’s not.
Early mini clone – generated with minimoog model D using no integrated circuits. This set includes the trademark ‘sharktooth’ waveform and it can only be available.
Vintage digital – two extra waveforms, generated with Casio CZ-3000, a unique phase distortion synthesizer.

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