Sketch 91 – TNT [macOS]

By | August 21, 2022


Year of issue: August 04, 2022.
Version: 91
Developer: Bohemian Coding
Platform: Intel, M1.
Tablet: Not required (installer already treated, K’ed by TNT)
Interface language: English.
System requirements:
• OS X 11 or later (Big Sur included).
• Any 64-bit Intel® Mac.
• Mac on Apple M1 chip

Description: Sketch by Bohemian Coding is one of the best professional vector editors for Mac OS! Powerful, simple, fast, flexible interface design editor.
Sketch has all the necessary tools for any, even the most demanding designer. Slices, text styles, rulers, guides, and grids are just a few of them. Sketch can read from (.sketch, .drawit, .svg), import (.pdf, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif, etc.), and export to the following kinds of formats (.pdf , .svg, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .png)


What’s New
Version 91
Requires macOS Big Sur (11.0.0) or newer
Duplicate Documents • You can now duplicate Workspace documents to your drafts, right from the Workspace window. You’ll find this option by right/Control-clicking on a document’s thumbnail. When you duplicate a document, it won’t include any comments, version history or specific share settings, so you’ll have a clean slate to iterate from without disturbing the original design. You can also duplicate documents in the web app, including ones outside your Workspace that others have shared via a public link.
Align to reference object • With this release, we’re giving you even more control over how you align multiple selections of layers. Now, you can click on any layer within a multi-layer selection to make it the reference object. When you use the alignment controls in the Inspector, all the layers within your selection will now align to that reference object. You can click on any other layer in your selection to make that the new reference object, or click again on the current reference object to deselect it.
What’s improved
• If you select a single layer and use the alignment controls in the Inspector, it will now align to its immediate parent (whether that’s a group, Artboard or combined shape). If you want to align a single layer to its Artboard rather than its immediate parent, hold down the ⌥ (Option) key.
• The Workspace window now supports selecting multiple documents at the same time, making it easier for you to open, move and delete them in bulk.
• You can now switch between the Design and Prototype tabs in the Inspector using the keyboard shortcuts Shift-Command-1 and Shift-Command-2, respectively. You’ll also find these options in the View menu.
• We’ve made it easier to move shapes that have borders but no fills. You can now drag anywhere on that shape, including the non-filled area, to move it, rather than just on the border itself.
• We’ve improved the accuracy of Shadows for paths with wider borders.
• You can now adjust the Spread value for Shadows applied to text layers.
• We now support negative spread values for inner shadows.
What’s changed
• Version 261 of the Abstract plugin has been marked as incompatible with Sketch because it is causing instability. Please update to the latest version of the plugin when available.
• We’ve given color profiles a clean-up. Previously, we’d render Unmanaged documents based on your display’s settings, but exported them as sRGB. Now, we both render on the Canvas and export using the sRGB color profile by default (the Unmanaged setting is gone), unless you set your default color profile to P3 in the Canvas preferences.
What’s fixed
• Fixes a bug that stopped saturation in background blurs behind an Overlay from showing in the Prototype player.
• Fixes a bug that prevented tints from applying to shadows of layers within a group to which the tint was applied.
• Fixes a bug that caused interactions you set to None to disappear completely. Now they’ll stick around.
• Fixes an issue that stopped borders appearing if you added them to text that used underline or strikethrough decoration.
• Fixes a bug that caused the Layer and Page lists to unexpectedly scroll horizontally while you were scrolling vertically through them.
• Fixes a bug that caused interactions to appear as active in the Prototype player even though their respective layers were hidden.
• Fixes a bug that caused Artboard templates you dragged onto the Canvas from the Insert window to appear in the reverse (left-to-right) order of your selection.
• Fixes a bug that allowed you to create an Overlay by linking a layer to itself.
• Fixes a bug that meant the Prototype player would not always reflect the latest changes you made to Artboards.
• Fixes a bug that caused unnecessary points to appear along paths that you had converted to outlines.

Installation method :
• Mount the image and see Help.txt for why this is so…
• Further choice, installation as usual or with Open Gatekeeper friendly
• Do not block the program access to the Internet.
• Do not update the program!

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