Push Button Bang – Magic Dust: Warm Textures, Unique Dirt, Organic Shots (WAV)

By | August 17, 2023


Publisher: Push Button Bang
Website: www.loopmasters.com
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | mono / stereo

Description :
Welcome to Fairy Dust, a unique collection of real sound textures and organic one shots guaranteed to deliver unique magic to your audio system. It’s a collection with subtlety, and gives you special sounds you wouldn’t find, but you can add that much-needed quirky element that makes your music look different. With 2 GB of unique audio material featuring 810 meticulously recorded and edited WAV files, Fairy Dust is a treasure trove of unusual sound textures and unusual one shots. Perfect for front thinking producers Hip hop, Chill Trap and Future RNB, Downtempo Beats, Future Garage and any style you want to add raw, analog/depth sound.

Content :
24 bit quality
810 Wav sounds
76 Bells and Chimes
50 clicks and pops
16 Clock Rhythms
35 Unique Dirt Hits
22 Explosive Strikes
5 Footstep Ambiances
25 Liquid Hits
12 Rare Music Box Soundscapes
47 Mixed Vintage Instrument Sounds
85 Field and Hardware Noise textures
200 Organic Field Drum Shots
39 Vintage Piano Hits and Effects
7 drum rolls
30 stick sounds
60 Stone Percussion
20 Tear Textures
13 Instrumental Textures
54 Vinyl Loop and Record underlays
16 Vocal textures and Soundscapes

Additional Information :
Welcome to Magic Dust, a unique collection of real world audio textures and organic one shots guaranteed to put a unique magic into your audio. This is a collection about subtlety and giving you singular noises that you wouldn’t ordinary find, but can add that much needed unusual element that makes your music different.
With 2gb of unique audio material featuring 810 meticulously recorded and edited wav files, Magic dust is a treasure trove of uncommon audio textures and extraordinary, natural one shots. Perfect for forward thinking producers of Hip hop , Chill Trap and Future RNB , Downtempo Beats, Future Garage and any style you want to add a raw, analogue/ found sound depth to.

What’s in the collection:
Reel to reel tape machines, vintage film projectors, antique phonographs
Rare Hand drums, frame drums and strange ethnic instruments
Organic noise percussion formed from natural elements – earth wind fire water
Substance sounds – grains shuffles tones of organic elements
Old clock ticks rhythms and hits
World gongs, Chinese bells, magic chimes
Hundreds warm organic impact hits and strikes
Environment sounds from haunted houses, old temples, desolate deserts
Firework and thunder hits
Sand percussion, stone percussion
Strikes made from Earth explosions
Antique epic piano effects
Rare music boxes from centuries past
Foot step rhythms
Chinese flutes
Field recordings from three continents
Vocal groups choirs monks and native chants
Vinyl sounds effects, texture underlays and proceed vinyl fx percussion from over a dozen vintage record players.

Featuring sounds captured with audio technia A7897, sennheiser MKH4185 and shure vp88 and processed with high end gear such as elysia mpressor, alta moda unicomp, chandler limited rs124.

These sounds have been captured over a long period of time, all over the world and combined to produce this very different collection. You may not know you are missing this, once you put in some of these textures or hits you’ll realize the difference it makes, giving your sound something special that makes it your own -feelings of rare vintage sound, otherworld found sound environments , analogue hardware devices and totally unique vibes and hits that you can’t get with your daw alone.
Push button bang invites you to sprinkle some magic dust onto your productions give yourself a unique sound to stand out from the crowd.

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