Purgatory Creek Soundware – Tine Collection (KONTAKT)

By | January 31, 2019


Publisher : Purgatory Creek Soundware
Website : Purgatory Creek Soundware
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :
Tine collection
The Purgatory Creek Soundware Tine Collection includes no less than four electro-mechanical pianos spanning for nearly twenty years of manufacture. It was produced.
The Collection includes all of the instruments shown below:
– Mark I (1975)
– Mark V (1984)
– Mark II (1980)
– Sparkletop (1965)
The layout of the Kontakt instruments is similar. If you’re looking for a tangible velocity curve? In addition, each has its controls, phaser and reverb effects. Finally, a number of amp simulations are provided.
In all, you have been deeply sampled at a very reasonable price.
Requires FULL version of Kontakt – will only run in demo mode in the Player.

Additional Information

It was a new model for this instrument. It featured the coveted Torrington tines.
It has been deeply sampled at 19th century. There were samples included. The instrument uses 69MB of RAM and requires 930MB of free disk space.
It was a musician who produced the piano. It included many tools.
It was a decaying or sample loops. Additionally, velocity layers of release samples are included. The instrument uses 59MB of RAM and requires 914MB of free disk space.
It is noted that it has been noted for its modular action and the talons. The Purgatory Creek Soundware Mark II (1980).
The instrument was sampled at 16 velocity levels for all types of loops. There were samples included. The instrument uses 46MB of RAM and requires 760MB of free disk space.
Manufactured in the 1960s, this was a tine-based piano manufacturer. Sparkletop series for the hammers (vs. neoprene tips on later models) and Raymac tines. It is featured on many jazz and R & B recordings from the late 1960s.
It has been the rate of artificially sampling at 18 degrees. There were samples included. The instrument uses 78MB of RAM and requires 1084MB of free disk space.

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