PG Music – Band-in-a-Box 2018 Build 520 + RealBand Update 5 + RealTracks Set 254-300 [Win x86]

By | January 31, 2019


Year / Release Date : 12.2017 17.07.2018 * (* UPADE 2018 Build 520 *)
Version : BB 2018 Build 520 / Realband 2018 build5
Developer : PG Music
Developer site : PG Music
Digit capacity : 32bit
Interface Language : English
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Windows 2000 / NT / XP / Vista / 7/8 (32 or 64-bit), Minimum 512 MB RAM

Description : The award-winning Band-in-a-Box program is very easy to use! Simply enter the chords of any song using the standard chord notation (such as C, Fm7 or C13b9), select the desired style, and the rest will be Band-in-a-Box. Band-in-a-Box automatically creates complete, professional-quality arrangements using piano, bass, drums, guitar and strings in a wide range of popular styles – jazz, pop, country, blues, classical, Latin American music, rock, and many others.

New in Realband 2018 update build5

Fixed: 123gps plus access violation.
Fixed: Rebooting RealBand after 128 chars.
It was not a Note event.
Fixed: When running in Win 10, and using the BBW or PT to generate audio harmonies.
Fixed: Midi Thru Method. It is always reverting to a RealBand, even if it has been changed.
Fixed: menu item was deleted.
Fixed: Potential crash on the exit (that is, it passed to it).
Added: MGU / SGU SongMode128 =
Added: Localization support for 2018.
Added: flyby hints to new dialogs.

New in version 2018 Build 520

Fixed: If you want to go through the menu line, select the Audio Chord Wizard (Audio Edit).
Fixed: Hitting the back key might be a loop screen mode.
Fixed: [Style Memos etc] button in the Style Editor -> Misc dialog.
Added: Support for MIDI velocity changes in styles. Use the Misc-More dialog to make your changes in MIDI styles.
Added: Save As Style |
Updated: PDF Manual and Help.

To install the update:

For those who already have a younger version of Band-in-a-Box, just download bb2018_update_build520 and install.
For those who already have a lower version of Realband, just download and install realband_2018_update_build5.exe.
All updates are intended for products of 2018 of release.


1. Install the program: bandinabox_realband_2018_pluspak.exe
2. Install updates:
a) bb2018_update_build520.exe
b) realband_2018_update_build5.exe
c) 2018_8pak.exe – bonus
3. From the folder Patch files
bbw.exe – copy with replacement in folder С: / BB /.
RealBand.exe – copy with replacement in the С: / RealBand / folder

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