Organic Loops – Real Strings Vol.6: Broken Chords (WAV, KONTAKT, REX2, MIDI, Sibelius)

By | September 18, 2023


Publisher: Organic Loops
Website: Loopmasters
Format: WAV, KONTAKT, REX2, MIDI, Sibelius
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Organic Loops is proud to present Real Strings Vol.6: Broken Chords, a library of violin loops that play the signature texture of smooth arpeggios. These sounds will add character and movement to all styles of music. The loops cover major, minor and open fifth chords, as well as unusual patterns such as augmented, diminished and sus chords. The set also includes held notes with rising and falling dynamics.

This kit comes to life for producers proficient in Kontakt 5 as they are given a fully customizable performance tool, including a customizable preset of up to 8 arpeggiated chord patterns, a two-octave range of single notes to complement arpeggios, and a reverb module to add airiness. sounds and loops. ‘Real Strings – Broken Chords’ offers smart key switching, allowing producers to instantly switch between 8 loaded sequences, as well as change the root chord for each loop at will.
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Content :
980MB content (this includes duplicated content in the Kontakt instrument)
• 214 Arpeggiated Loops
• 214 Rex2 Files
• 1 Kontakt 5 Scripted Instrument Preset (Kontakt 5 Required for Maximum Benefits)
• Scores in MIDI, PDF and Sibelius formats

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