Native Instruments – West Africa Library (KONTAKT)

By | December 4, 2023


Publisher: Native Instruments

Description: The influence of traditional African grooves on modern Western music inspired Native Instruments to create the “West Africa” (Discovery Series) software instrument/sampling library. The instrument is addressed to those musicians who want to use traditional polyrhythmic African grooves in their music.
West Africa contains percussion and melodic instruments, as well as polyrhythmic patterns that can be used in arrangements for film/video soundtracks or popular music. The software instrument plays a typical six-piece ensemble, led by various types of djembe and dundun (“talking drum”) drums. Other instruments include West African harps, percussion, flute, ngoni string instrument, etc.

The sample library size is 3 GB.
The software instrument is equipped with a special sequester, which provides playback of more than 70 pre-programmed ensemble patterns – complex West African grooves, solos, individual sounds, which can be controlled using the keyboard. Patterns are automatically synced to the tempo of the main audio/MIDI sequencer and can be edited or new patterns created from scratch. There is a choice of modes (seven-step and chromatic), as well as various ensemble configuration options.


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