ModeAudio – Surveillance: Cinematic Dance Loops (WAV, MIDI)

By | April 12, 2018


Surveillance – Cinematic Dance Loops presents to you more than 500 MB of dense, drifting loops, samples and MIDI files for Ambient, Downtempo and cinematic electronics. Inside, you’ll find 150 music loops, flickering arpeggios, rhythmic sequences and powerful basses, mesmerizing drone and throbbing percussion. This collection covers the sound spectrum from cold, gloomy and ominous to warm and positive.


30 Arp Loops
15 Bass Loops
15 Synth Chords Loops
15 Drone Loops
15 Percussive Sequence Loops
15 Drum Loops (Kicks & Snares)
30 Hi Hat & Percussion Loops
15 Noise Loops
112 Synth Tail Samples
120 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labeled)

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Additional Information:

Everything appears normal; the wind blows. But you can not throw the sense that everyone knows something you do not like, that you do not like, that everyone is watching and waiting for you to stumble across …
Welcome to the foreboding environment, our latest release, Surveillance – Cinematic Dance Loops, which emerges from the place of darkness and pushes its 513MB of dense, drifting loops, samples and MIDI towards the flickering light!
Peer inside this royalty-free sound stash to discover 150 music loops of towering, looming analog textures and unflinching, absorbing tonalities.
From flickering, perturbed analog synth arps and rhythmic sequences to powerful basses, mesmerizing drones, enveloping chords, pulsing percussion and far beyond, this pack includes a complete palette of hushed cinematic sensibility just waiting to be unleashed on your next music production!
This deftly intricate collection spans the sonic spectrum from cold, bleak and more than a little sinister, to warm, uplifting and hopeful, all finessed with an array of vintage processes to produce a timeless, yet unnerving feel.
To complement the central loop library, 112 synth tail samples are featured to the smooth out of your arrangements as well as providing a grab-bag of tonal hits, with 120 key and tempo-cloned MIDI files allowing you to work at the rhythmic and melodic content of the pack with your own set of synths and sounds.
Pull back the curtain and discover the sonic secrets that are only just out of reach – download Surveillance – Cinematic Dance Loops and grasp them today!

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