Digital Anarchy [WiN x86 x64]

By | October 17, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 2011/2012
Developer: Digital Anarchy
Bit depth: 32 / 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: Present
System requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7
Pentium 4 3 GHz or better
1 GB memory
500 MB free disk space
Screen resolution 1024×768 or higher

Supported host applications:

Adobe Photoshop 7-CS6
Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 – 10

Backdrop Designer 1.5
An add-on for Adobe Photoshop and other compatible products that allows you to create a variety of background images. The program includes six hundred prepared textures that can be mixed, adjusted using built-in lighting and shadow effects. It will be useful primarily for photographers when working on portraits, advertising posters, etc.

Beauty Box 1.2.2
A plug-in for Adobe Photoshop designed for skin retouching and glare removal in automatic mode with default settings and in semi-manual mode, with the ability to fine-tune the result with sliders (sliders). The plugin will quickly cope with such tasks as: removing spots, wrinkles, moles, changing the tone and smoothing the skin in the photo.

Primatte Chromakey 5.1
The plugin is designed to change the background behind an image object photographed against a blue or green background. Bluescreen and greenscreen processing is an important aspect of commercial photography and graphic design. The AutoMask feature has been significantly improved in this version.

Texture Anarchy 1.1.2
A set of three plugins that create beautiful procedural textures and borders. These tools allow you to create massive textures in Photoshop at various scales, with no restrictions on size, resolution, or complexity. Texture Anarchy is basically a lab texture that gives you 38 different looks that can be layered on top of each other and combined in your own imagination.

ToonIt! Photo 2.6.3
The plugin allows you to create various effects that stylize drawings for different styles: animation, pencil drawing, graffiti, pastel, oil on canvas, watercolor and other areas of painting. You can “spoil” images both in automatic mode with default settings, and in semi-manual mode, with the possibility of fine-tuning the result with sliders (sliders), combining styles.

Add. information:
ToonIt! will free you from time-consuming methods like rotoscoping and drawing. It allows you to create animated images from video frames, photos and still images.
ToonIt! analyzes the image, then reduces its color palette and reveals important edge boundaries. Border edges are used to shape and control areas of color.
As part of ToonIt! includes four main filters such as: Flat Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Line Art and Pen & Ink. You can customize the effect with more than fifty parameters.
In the new version:
  • New Outline Styles
  • New Color Blur Option – Supersmart Blur
  • Improved interface
  • Added the ability to enable/disable the preview of ToonIt! using Caps Lock.
  • New Cartoon Presets.
  • ToonIt! 2.6.3 added compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS5 (32 / 64 bit)
  • Improved background rendering
  • ToonIt has become more responsive to changing parameter values ​​in real time.
  • The speed of photo processing has increased significantly.
  • Bugs fixed

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