Cinetools – Disturbia (WAV)

By | July 7, 2024


Publisher : Cinetools
Website : Cinetools
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Fear does not always come from the outside, sometimes it is hidden inside you. Did you hear something? Or is your mind playing with you? The nightmare and existential “Disturbia” from Cinetools deeply plunges into the psyche of insanity and human depravity and will visit your dreams all future nights.

Cinetools represent Disturbia with a +1000 ultra-modern cinematic sound effects filled with psychological horror and a thriller that cover a wide range of effects and which will revitalize your trailers, will be able to express scenes, games and movies. This gigantic library of effects focuses on fear, panic, psychosis and neurotic themes with a ton of unnerving stress, anxious soundscapes and gloomy sound effects. If you are looking for something that will create excitement of paranoia and slightly strengthen the audience’s heartbeat, you are in the right place. Disturbia comes with melancholic, anxious and restless feelings and will definitely help you get your audience to jump out of the chair into the ceiling.

This sinister, timeless and disturbing thematic library contains ready-to-use elements: huge kinetic convulsive beats, frightening whistles, sand soundscapes, destructive sound cacophonies, blood stasis, piercing, shaking sub-effects, paranormal atmospheres, eerie stresses and transitions, strange morphing layers and mysterious pads, insane vocals and crazy moans – all this is done exclusively with a truly diverse sound palette to create any psychological scene of horror and tr or a project, also suitable in many other situations. You can use these sound effects as is, or mix them with other elements from this collection to create your own ideas. Full of shocking, unnerving tension and persecuted sentiment. A desecrated atmosphere and terrible sounds will not let you fall asleep. It is guaranteed that you want to leave the light on for the whole night.


• 6.43GB • 1008 Files • 24 Bit / 96kHz •
• 126 Atmospheres & Backgrounds
• 024 Bizarre & Creepy Atmos
• 029 Cacophonies
• 030 Dark & ​​Scary Backgrounds
• 020 Disturbing Ambiences
• 023 Psychotic Drones
• 183 Disturbing Fx
• 015 Aleatoric Orchestral Fx
• 060 Drastic
• 037 Psychological
• 030 Stingers
• 041 Voices
• 032 Downers
• 129 Hits
• 064 Hard
• 034 Shockers
• 021 Soft
• 010 Subs
• 048 Pulses
• 124 Raw Sources & Field Rec.
• 366 Transitions
• 118 Glitches & Noises
• 033 Markers
• 046 Reverses
• 044 Risers
• 088 Stutters & Choppers
• 037 Whooshes & Swishes

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