Waves – Ultimate v2023.03.26 – R2R (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | March 31, 2023


Release Year/Date : 27.3.2023
Version : 2023.03.26
Developer : Waves
Developer website : Waves
Format : VST/VST3/AAX Bit
depth : 64bit
Tablet : R2R cured
System requirements :Windows 10 64 bit

Description : All 220+ Waves plugins.
Create with complete freedom: everything is always at hand
Let nothing stand between the sound you hear in your head and what comes out of the speakers. With Waves Ultimate – the biggest option in our Waves Creative Access subscription – you get all the plugins you need, when you need them. Whatever you want to create, you are protected.
All popular Waves vocal plugins. All analogue models, from Abbey Road to SSL. All Waves mastering plugins. All compressors, all EQs, all effects, instruments, saturation plugins, artist signature plugins, channel strips, AI noise reduction… just everything. Waves Ultimate offers the most complete set of professional quality audio plugins.

Release Notes :
March 26, 2023
New: Waves Creative Access. We are proud to introduce our new plugin subscription service, covering the entire Waves plugin catalog. Two options are available: Waves Essential, with over 110 plugins, and Waves Ultimate, which includes all Waves plugins.
New: StudioVerse—the AI-powered community for plugins chains. Waves StudioVerse is a new feature that opens from within the Waves StudioRack plugin chainer. It includes:
Thousands of mixing chains—and growing daily.
Chains are created by hundreds of top producers and mixing engineers: Chris Lord-Alge, Young Guru, Jacquire King, and Tony Maserati are only a few.
StudioVerse is also an open platform, where anyone can upload their own plugin chains and share them with the entire community.
The chains are searchable by musically trained AI, which listens to your tracks and gives you recommendations for suitable plugin chains.
StudioVerse chains are powered by easy-to-use macros that enable you to take advantage of the chains even if you’re not familiar with all the plugins under the hood.
All Waves plugins are updated to v14.12.x, with the following new features:
New: All Waves Plugins are now supported as VST3 in
Reason 12.5.1
Maschine 2.16
Komplete Kontrol 2.8.
New: Demo Mode

All Waves plugins can now be loaded and used in demo mode, without a license. Plugins running in demo mode are functional, but periodically introduce audio mutes. Plugins can run in demo mode without a time limit.
Plugins running in demo mode will show a yellow strip at the bottom. Clicking this strip will open a dialog box allowing you to get a fully functional license by subscribing to Waves Creative Access, or to activate and rescan licenses in case you already have a license and need to sync your computer—all without closing your DAW.
Whenever plugins in demo mode are running in your session, a red notification will appear in the Waves System Toolbar across all plugins. Here you can select to view all plugins running in demo mode within your session.
The plugin menu in StudioRack, CLA MixHub, and Scheps Omni Channel enable you to filter licensed plugins vs. plugins running in demo mode, with plugins running in demo mode listed in italics, and with a Show/Hide filter to show or hide these plugins.
New: The following plugins now feature hi-res HiDPI graphic interfaces: Abbey Road Chambers, Abbey Road J37 Tape, Abbey Road Saturator, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, dbx 160, H-Delay, PuigChild Compressor.

New in COSMOS Sample Finder:
COSMOS standalone app now supports Apple silicon native
Improved Neural Network Key detection
Improved scanning times
Improved search tag result times
Improved COSMOS view loading times
New in CR8 Creative Sampler: It is now possible to drag and drop multiple samples from COSMOS to CR8
New in TRACT System Calibration: SMAART V9 support.
New in Waves Tune Real-Time:
Root, Scale and custom note behavior can now be duplicated from one instance of Waves Tune Real-Time to all other instances in your session
Root Note can now be assigned to StudioRack macros.
New in WLM Plus Loudness Meter: Added presets for Disney deliverables.
DTS Neural™ Surround Collection has been discontinued. DTS plugins are not part of Waves Creative Access, and are no longer sold separately. An offline installer is available in Waves Central to existing owners of DTS plugin licenses.

Fixed in all Waves plugins:
Various graphic issues have been solved on Waves System Toolbar, on Windows computers using UHD graphic adapters.
DAW interface and meters showing sluggish behavior in some Windows systems, when viewing multiple GUIs of the following plugins: Dorrough, MultiMod Rack, Kaleidoscopes, OVox Vocal ReSynthesis, F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, Scheps Omni Channel and Renaissance Channel. This sluggish behavior no longer occurs.
Occasional issues with the “Undo” function in plugins when using Magic Mouse.
Previous/Next arrows not working as expected after pasting a preset. The arrows now work as expected.
Writing automation via MIDI Learn is now possible in VST3 hosts.
In all plugins with MIDI Learn function, setting a MIDI Map as default no longer disables the use of arrows to change presets in the Waves System Toolbar.
Text boxes for various plugin controls are now proportionally sized, fixing cases in which the size was disproportional.
Audio corruption no longer occurs when using Audio Suite’s Clip by Clip/Create Continuous File mode.
Meters no longer freeze in Audio Suite Preview mode.
Single-click text entry now works properly in Pro Tools.
Logic, Pro Tools, and Studio One: Delay compensation through the sidechain is now correct.
Non-English/Unicode text entry issues on Mac have been resolved.

Fixed in individual Waves plugins:
(This is not an exhaustive list—the fixes and improvements are too numerous to mention in full. These are just the main highlights.)
API 560: The clipper affected the plugin even when in bypass. This no longer occurs.
Bass Fingers and Bass Slapper: A bug causing samples not to trigger when clicking on the frets more than once.
BB Tubes: The up-sampling feature now works as expected.
C1 Compressor: Expander mode no longer causes possible audio bursts.

CLA MixHub:
Enabling Automation for all controls using (Ctrl+Opt+Cmd) no longer creates graphic corruption within inserted plugins.
First launch of an inserted plugin now opens a corresponding screen.
Improved text visibility of text in Bucket view.
Cobalt Saphira: Double-clicking a band will now turn it on/off.
CR8 Creative Sampler: MIDI Learn is now removed upon full reset.
Doubler: Controls keep relative positions when multi-selected.

F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ:
When a band is clicked on the top part of the graph, the node now stays in its current location and moves only when dragged; it no longer jumps to the bottom of the graph.
Double-clicking a band several times quickly no longer results in the node not turning on/off.
InPhase LT Live now moves in full resolution when using eMotion LV1’s touch-and-slide.
Kramer HLS Channel and Kramer PIE Compressor: Behavior on stereo instances has been fixed.
MaxxVolume: Controls keep relative positions when multi-selected.
OVox Vocal ReSynthesis: MIDI learn is removed on Full Reset
PRS SuperModels V9 and Archon: Bypassing the plugin GUI is minimized no longer affects the Boost control when the GUI is shown.
Q10 Equalizer: ‘Link’ now affects the output section.
Reel ADT now moves in full resolution when using eMotion LV1’s touch-and-slide.
Retro Fi: Noise type can now be changed in the Mono component.

Scheps Omni Channel:
Sweeping quickly between frequencies when monitor is ON no longer causes level boosts.
External sidechain to inserted plugins now works as expected.
Enabling Automation for all controls using (Ctrl+Opt+Cmd) no longer creates graphic corruption within inserted plugins.
First launch of an inserted plugin now opens a corresponding screen.
SuperTap: Control now displays values in the automation lane.

Waves Tune:
Scale map no longer disappears following Undo.
Graphic glitch on certain Windows systems no longer occurs.
Waves Tune Real-Time: The Selection range on the keyboard now move smoothly.

Waves Central v14.0.6 is now available with the following updates:
Waves Central now features the Waves Creative Access page, where all plugin subscriptions are installed and activated. The new page is streamlined to get you up and running with Waves plugins as quickly as possible.
With either of the new Waves Creative Access subscription options—Waves Essential or Ultimate—Central will now install all Waves plugins. If you are subscribed to Waves Ultimate, all plugins will be fully licensed. If you are subscribed to Waves Essential, the plugins included in Essential will be fully licensed, while the rest will run in demo mode to allow you to try them without time limit.
Waves Central will continue to serve existing owners of perpetual (non-subscription) licenses. This includes owners of previously purchased single plugins/bundles (v14), as well as owners of non-subscription Waves applications such as eMotion LV1 and SuperRack.
All perpetual licenses will continue to be managed (installed and activated) via the Install Products page in Waves Central.
The new subscription options will also appear in the Install Products page, in addition to appearing in the Waves Creative Access page. This way, subscription licenses can be managed from both pages.
Online installation will now be possible only for the latest major version (v14) of Waves plugins. Older versions will have a link from Waves Central, directing to offline installers that can be downloaded and used for installing legacy versions.
Central can now be triggered to install and activate from links on the Waves website.
In the Install Products page, the tab previously called ‘All Products’ is now split into two separate tabs: ‘Plugin Subscriptions’ and ‘Applications.’
New feature: You can now create calendar reminders next to licenses with an expiration date (such as subscriptions).
Plugin Usage Data Tracking can now be turned on and off in the Settings page.
Numerous additional fixes and improvements.

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